Upcoming Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion Comic and Online Co-Op Mode for Gloomhaven Digital

The famed Gloomhaven in the board game industry is getting its own one-shot comic, Fallen Lion. And not just this, Cephalofair Games also announced that Gloomhaven Digital is releasing its online co-op mode tomorrow (September 17, 2020).

What is Gloomhaven?

Gloomhaven is a campaign-based cooperative dungeon crawler in which you will play as a wandering adventurer with a unique set of skills and backstory. As you travel through the dungeons and abandoned ruins, you will battle monsters and bosses, level up your abilities, and uncover secrets of this dark world. I can go into more details, but I think the following numbers already speak volumes of this record-breaking franchise:

  • 22-pound beast of a box
  • First launched by creator Isaac Childres in 2015, the Kickstarter raised $386,104
  • Strong early reviews led to another Kickstarter for its second edition in 2017 that raised $3,999,795
  • Standalone sequel Frosthaven launched in 2020 and raised $12,969,608, becoming the highest-funded tabletop Kickstarter after surpassing Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5's record
  • Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, the accessible/casual counterpart to Gloomhaven, saw Target exclusive release in July 2020 and was immediately sold out

Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion One-Shot Comic

The #1 board game in the world will now see a one-shot comic through the partnership of Cephalofair Games and Source Point Press. The comic will help further flesh out its characters and its world-building. Here's some info that Isaac has shared so far:

  • Release Date: December 30, 2020
  • Writer: Travis McIntire
  • Art: Tyler Sowles and Nolan Nasser (Nolan has also worked on the art for Spirit Island)
  • The story will focus on a "Mindthief" who botched up an assignment and got kicked out of the notorious Jaws of the Lion

Gloomhaven Digital Online Co-Op Mode

You can now play Gloomhaven online with your friends! Gloomhaven Digital released on July 17, 2019 and has since been under development with feedback from Early Acess users. It's overall reception is "very positive" on Steam and considering the nature of Cephalofair Games, it'll no doubt continue to see support and this online co-op mode is a great starting point. Here's an overview of the digital adaptation:

So, what do you think? Will you be getting the comic or the digital adaptation?


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Supporter13 days ago

I have the digital implementation, I have had it for some time. But I have yet to play it. I really need to try it out. 

Supporter14 days ago

Love Gloomhaven. Not really into comic books at all but it sounds interesting. 

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