List your favorites: Spooky Games


Its October and time to list some of your favorite spooky games... cute or serious. Familiy or Intense. Lets trade some suggestions!

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Premium User59 days ago

I think #Betrayal at House on the Hill is the only "spooky game" I've really played. Still waiting for normalcy to return so I can play the legacy version with my friend.

59 days ago

Can't recommend Betrayal enough! Legacy version sounds like it would be even more fun.

Supporter58 days ago

It's seems like the kind of game I'd really like to try. 

Supporter58 days ago

Nice! I really want to try all of those

Supporter58 days ago

Nice list!

59 days ago

Aside from Mansions of Madness, #Horrified is the only one I've played that really fits the bill. It's a good one though!

Supporter58 days ago

I've really got to get Horrified. Everyone who's played it has said good things about it.

58 days ago

Yeah it's good fun. It's nothing mind-blowing IMO, but it's solid, easy to teach, and has a super fun theme.

Supporter57 days ago

Right it seems very approachable 

Supporter2 months ago

I just just played the first game of #Mansions of Madness: Second Edition to my family. They were pretty hesitant about it. Afterwards, they were super excited about playing it again even though we lost