The Isle of Cats – a Feline Placement Board Game

I bet many of you can recognize at least one of these (or could name even more games like that). Polyomino puzzlers, inspired by Tetris have been gaining popularity among board game creators.

We’ve already sewn patchwork quilts, planned gardens, prepared a feast for a nordic god etc. Sadly: none of the games had polyominoes shaped as cats. Well, Cottage Garden had cat tokens but that’s not enough. Now: finally all cat and puzzle lovers can feel satisfied as the latest game by Frank West merges both of these wonderful things together.

The Story of Isle of Cats

The story is there, but honestly most people will ignore it – The Isle of Cats feels abstract at heart. Having some background doesn’t hurt the game though. I like that authors bothered to add it.

The story takes place on the mysterious Isle of Cats, where a certain evil individual wants to do evil things with the poor felines. As an adventurer who has just arrived on the island you have two goals: learn about the place’s ancient knowledge and… rescue as many furry friends as possible.

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