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It’s the mid 16th century! The beginning of a golden age of interior decorating in Western Europe. Recently returned from a tour of Alhambra’s finely decorated palaces, King Manuel I of...

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Owner26 months ago

What a lovely game. I’m a bit burnt out at the moment but it is just so well designed! Do you like the color side or gray side more?

26 months ago

I think that the Grey side is fun every so often for a challenge but it's pretty easy to mess yourself up and get frustrated. I think I prefer the basic side for that reason.

Owner26 months ago

That's true. I've created a little structure in my mind for how to lay things out so that I don't get those parody situations where I can't place. I find that it's very easy to start and hard to finish on the gray side and harder to start and easy to finish on the normal side.

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