How I clean out my collection

I've tracked over 600 games I currently own or have owned and sold.
I still have too many games in my current collection (not counting expansions and accessories) and need to clear out more room.  My family loves playing games but some games they only see once a year (if that) because we have too many.

What method do you use to decide if a game should stay or should go (donate, sell, etc.)?

I vacillate between a few decisions:
1. Does it have minis that I still want to use to learn how to paint? If so, it stays.
2. Does my wife LOVE it? If she loves and since she'll be my "gaming group" in the future once my four teenagers move out, then I better keep that game.

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Supporter18 months ago

How often do I or will I play it? Does it make me truly happy to own it? Do I have a number of games in this mechanic/theme that I’d play before coming to this one? Do I have a friendly gamer on a forum who’d take my extra games? (I don’t know how that last one got in there haha)

18 months ago

It really depends on the game, in the end, but there are a few things I keep in mind. For starters, if it simply never gets played, I will consider removing it from our home. Of course, I do have favorites that never get played (single tear...), but I'm keeping those until the bitter end.

Room is another factor. If we don't have room, I'll have to start consolidating. At that point, I weed things out by how I feel about them. If I look at it and don't think I'll ever want to play it, it'll go. If I already have a similar game (i.e. Dominion vs. Ascension), I'll consider parting with one. I ended up selling Ascension and kept Dominion, but I will also keep both Dominion and Clank!, as both provide a much different experience.

Or, if I need money for a new game and haven't had any side gigs recently, I'll start eying up my library and find a few to sell for drug game money.

But, I keep games because my kids will grow up and be able to play them with me even when no one else will. Because they love me. Or they want to borrow the car. I don't care either way, just as long as they're playing haha

Supporter18 months ago

I enjoy your comments about the kids growing up to play games with you. So far my kids are interested in playing with me. I hope that they continue as they get older. 

18 months ago

I try and cultivate the hobby by helping them have age-appropriate games. I figure if they're always having good experiences with gaming, they'll be sure to fall deep into the hobby. At least, that's the plan.

Supporter18 months ago

Oh... I love it!!!!!

Or, if I need money for a new game and haven't had any side gigs recently, I'll start eying up my library and find a few to sell for drug game money.

18 months ago

LOL. Yep, I'm with you on that one. My craigslist post is along those lines, "I have too many games and need to sell some so I can buy different ones."

Supporter18 months ago

This is so true. Board gaming is truly a strange hobby. 

Premium User18 months ago

For me the primary thought that will start me considering to sell/trade a game is:

How enthusiastic am I to try to get this game to the table in the future?

In my group there are 3 or 4 of us who buy games regularly so there is no lack of things to play.  It can take a while to get something to the table even if you really want to play it. 

If I look at a game and think "I can't be bothered to suggest this one again" or "X is a much better style of this game so I'd rather play that" that's a good sign that the game is on my sell list. 

I'll usually let that thought settle for a bit and then come back to it later when I have a few items on that list to sell and then I'll put them up for sell or trade.

18 months ago

That is good advice to let the thought settle for a bit.

I've jumped the gun and sold games the minute someone says they aren't sure they like it that much, only for them to complain that I sold it when they really wanted to play again. We all go through phases, so "sleeping on a decision" is good practice.

Supporter18 months ago

For me it would be space.  My wife doesn't really play games so that's never a consideration.  Obviously if my gaming group will play a game or not adds to that.  However, I don't usually even buy a game up front if I know it's never going to get to the table.  But, I don't think my collection will ever be close to even 50 let alone 600 so I'm not too worried. 

I'm getting to the point where I'm trying to really be discerning about what I purchase.  If a game has mechanisms that I see a lot in the games I already own I'll often skip it.

I really don't think I'll need more than 25 games to fulfill my gaming needs.  I too want to get the games I really like to the table a lot.  I don't have a lot of use for games I'll play once or twice.

Supporter18 months ago

I’m at 31 games right now. I’m still looking for more additions but I might get to the point soon where I’ll do a 1 in 1 out policy. 

Supporter18 months ago

Yeah, there are always things that I want to add, but I have to consider how much it'll make it to the table.  1 in 1 out sounds good if I can get anyone to buy the 1 out, ha.  I also want to make sure I get everything out of the games I already have which can sometimes stay my hand at purchasing more.  I'd love to have the time to play them all.  

Supporter18 months ago

That’s the thing, right? SO many games, so little time. 

18 months ago

Yeah, that is 600 over the course of 5yrs of being in the hobby.

I currently still own 137 base games stuffed in various closets in my tiny house and even that is too many to get to the table once a year.

Supporter18 months ago

I'm still impressed I think I've been in the hobby just over 5 years.

Supporter18 months ago

Space is a huge consideration for me. 

Another thing I consider is whether or not it has a good solo variant. 

The main thing is whether or not there is another game that feels similar or not. 

18 months ago

Space considerations are mentioned by a few of you.

Does that mean you do or do not keep expansion boxes and other accessory boxes?

I'm currently of the opinion that since I sell many of my games that I want to try and keep everything. I know if I'm buying a used game and the seller has all the boxes that would be preferred than just a bag of expansion components inside the base game...even though that is where the expansion will probably end up in my own house eventually.

So yeah...I have a bunch of empty boxes I'm still holding onto on top of the base games.

Premium User18 months ago

I was VERY reluctant to toss out expansion boxes. 

It's just in the last little while as I was reorganizing my shelves that I realized that I was taking up a lot of space for expansion boxes that held very little.  I could free up a lot of space if I amalgamated expansions in to the main game.

From there it didn't take long to throw out the expansion boxes.  Yes, the artwork is beautiful but it made no sense to hang on to everything and it allowed me to get more games on the shelves. :)

Supporter18 months ago

Well that s in part the publishers fault. I do not understand why expansion boxes has to be huge when they barely have any content (I know it is for misleading that before purchase you feel you ll have a lot for your money). Many time I do not even  understand why game boxes are so big, but for a base game box it is something you can get over with.

Supporter18 months ago

It depends a lot on the game. If it is a modular expansion I will keep it seperate. I will also play the game a time or two with the expansion before I decide to combine them. If the expansion is one I will never play without.... Yes I will combine it. If it is a "maybe maybe not" I'm less likely to. 

I tend to keep boxes until I run out of room. Then I can throw some boxes away and say, "see I do have room for more games."

18 months ago

Agreed on the "whether or not there is another game that feels similar or not."

My teenagers and their friends LOVE deduction games and secret identity games, with The Resistance and Coup being two of their favorites. We've cycled through a lot of other "like" games but didn't keep them because they still feel those other two set the bar and do it so well.

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