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Cthulhu Wars: Duel Review | Board Game Quest


Brian reviews the new two-players version of Cthulhu Wars, Cthulhu Wars: Duel. Now with standees instead of minis! 

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37 days ago

Is this a Kickstarter campaign or on sale at our favorite online retailers?

Partner37 days ago

Not a Kickstarter. You can buy it from Petersen Game's website right now. Should be in game stores in January I'd guess. 

39 days ago

Cool review thanks for the post

Premium User39 days ago

Nice review. I like how your only miss is that you don't know when new content is coming haha. I've never played#Cthulhu Wars for several reasons but mostly due to lack of interest. This game does look cool though and it's great they're trying to make it more accessible for 2020

Supporter40 days ago

woah this is cool!

40 days ago

Whoa, I've wanted to play #Cthulhu Wars for the longest time and couldn't bring myself to be the purchaser because it was so prohibitively expensive. Glad that a scaled-down version is thought to be just as good! Now if there was only a scaled-down, non-duel version of the game...I am probably asking for too much, huh?

Premium User37 days ago

I think so yes lol

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