Attempted approach to a wishlist (with successes and failures along the way)

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When I first began my journey into board gaming, I had discovered BGG had an annual secret santa event. As I'm sure many of you know who have either participated in this or similar events, it required a wishlist of games you'd be happy to receive from whoever you were matched up with. This was I believe the first time I had ever really thought about the concept of a wishlist and approached in the way of games I want to try but wouldn't necessarily pull the trigger on. Many of the games I originally added still remain there, including the likes of #Hadara, #Everdell, and #Bohnanza.

After diving headfirst further into the hobby, my list migrated more towards anything that even remotely interested me. I thought by having a wishlist, I would be less inclined to instantly buy a game that interested me and instead take the time to do proper research to determine if the game was for me.

I thought wrong. The instant buys didn't stop. Mostly thanks to GameNerdz and their lovely daily deals (cure you GameNerdz!). A lot of these purchases went over very well. A few highlights:

#Terraforming Mars - Not a great start to this one. I primarily play games with my SO and when our first game took about 3 hours, she was pretty much over it. However, I did more research and picked up #Terraforming Mars: Prelude and watched the playtime significantly decrease and her enjoyment significantly increase. It is now one of our favorites.

#Chinatown - A huge hit with it's intended audience, much unlike #The Estates (more on that later). We will definitely be playing this one for a while.

#Mystic Vale - I had done a little research on this, but not enough to warrant a buy from me. In fact, I thought it would be too same-y for my tastes. Boy could I have been more wrong!

Of course, where there're highlights, there're lowlights. For example:

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - While certainly a great game that I enjoy, my SO does not like the fiddliness of the board and the rules. We played this a lot when I first purchased it, but it hasn't seen the table in some time.

#The Estates - Admittedly, this I had done some more research than usual and thought for sure I had found a game for a group I had in mind. After playing with that very group, the game..didn't go over well. It has been an afterthought and something that I'll sadly trade or sell down the line.

#Burgle Bros. - While not a daily deal, I bought this after having played it once previously. We played it a couple of times with family after that and quickly got rid of it. I think the quarterbacking is what did it in for us.

Of course there were also purchases of games on my wishlist that I thought "well it's on my wishlist so.." and bought. I quickly aquired more and more games (and less and less places to put them) and had to put an end to my purchases. I've now begun to hold myself to not making a purchase unless it's a game on my wishlist. Or, better yet, allowing the wishlist to function more like a wishlist and letting someone else buy games for me.

How does everyone approach their wishlists? Do you research before you add it or after it's added? Does a game have to be on your wishlist for you to purchase it? Am I the only weak soul among us?

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15 months ago

I think things go on my 'wishlist' in order to be researched. Once they have been reseached to the point where I think I want them then I tend to just wait until I find a secon-hand copy going cheap and snatch it up.

So maybe I actually have a 'research list' and then a 'waiting list'

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