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Vicious Mockery D&D 5th Edition Spell Full Guide


Vicious mockery is one of the cantrip evocative spells of the 5th edition of the D&D role-playing game. With the use of this spell, you can unleash a string of laced insults with enhancements to any of the creatures which you target. Make sure that the selected target must be standing in the range of the spell which is 60 feet.

Effects of Vicious mockery

The effects of vicious mockery spell act differently at various levels of play.

Level 1

If you cast this spell at level 1 then your selected target faces 1d4 psychic damage or has to use a wisdom saving throw. Make sure that the target must hear your voice no matter whether he understands it or not. Your selected target also attains the disadvantage in its next turn.

Level 5

At this level, the rate of damage increases by 1d4. Now, you can provide 2d4 psychic damage to your selected target.

Level 11 and 17th

At the 11th level, the rate of damage increased to 3d4, and at the 17th level, the rate of damage increased by 1d4 and became 4d4.

Other Attributes

  • The range of this spell is 60 feet with the instantaneous duration of working.
  • Casting time strains only 1 action.

Vicious mockery 5e

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3 months ago

Not sure I fully understood everything you typed in the link but a nice summary. I really like how thematic this cantrip is, and the fun of getting to make up an insult for your target is worth the decreased damage