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Tell me about Maracaibo

So...I love the designer. I own #Great Western Trail, and it's probably one of my favorite games. Will I also like Maracaibo?

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Premium User56 days ago

I did a review of it here.

I think it will depend a lot on why you like GWT.  In my opinion Maracaibo is less tight than GWT in gameplay and the cards you get can be a factor in who wins the game.   It’s not out of control luck or anything but it is there. 

I do really enjoy Maracaibo solo if you are in to that. 

Supporter57 days ago

Love me some#Maracaibo. Multiuse cards. Large rondel. Multiple paths to score points. A cool legacy style story. It's got a lot going for it. I'll be doing a review for this one soon. Spoiler alert: highly recommended. 

57 days ago

I have not personally played #Maracaibo but I watched a playthrough and have listened to some podcasts on it. It is very similar to #Great Western Trail in the sense that you move your dude a certain amount of spots and do the thing on the spot. There is also a trail similar to the train track in GWT, but the big difference is there is a story element to the game that can change the set up each game and make it a much more variable game! Obviously a lot of other components to the game but that is a good starting point!

Premium User57 days ago

I never played #Great Western Trail but have #Maracaibo and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Judging by the diversity of your collection I'd be surprised if you didn't like it.  It's a rondel style game with a variation of worker placement in which you will place assistance at various sites on the board and take more efficient actions.  Amid this, you explore, gain influence among the three represented nations and work toward obtaining end-game prestige points.

Well, that is a terrible description, to be honest, but I do enjoy the game and find myself wanting to play it more.  Even though it's not worker placement (I do love worker placement) it has that great feel of trying to figure out how to make the most of your cards and actions and ship upgrades to come out with the most end game points ahead of others.  There is also a great campaign mode with a storyline that changes the game each round as opposed to each game.

If I have a knock on this game it's that the components are so-so as compared to other games with similar price points and I might be spoiled on Stonemaier games which tend to knock it out of the park.  That being said I did upgrade the coins to some fun pirate looking coins I bought two batches of from Amazon ( ) which make the game even more fun.

I would say the solo play is pretty good as well.  I have played through half the campaign with solo play and had a blast.  

56 days ago

From what I've seen the overall consensus is it's like GWT but a bit less coherent and not as transcendently good, but if you enjoy that sorta thing it's still worth a pop.

I quite enjoyed GWT myself but wasn't too upset about selling it.

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