BGA Feature #47 Editing Plays


You're now able to edit your plays! It should have been in there a long time ago but it's in there now. Just go to the "Your Plays" page and then click edit on the play you want to change in the bottom section of the page.

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Premium User13 months ago

Awesome! Now I can go back and actually add player counts haha

Supporter13 months ago

Fantastisch! Now I can attempt to fix my win rate in Gloomhaven. Except I can’t remember which I’ve won or lost...

Supporter13 months ago

Just assume that you lost 80% of your games.... LOL

Premium User13 months ago

Yeah! Been waiting for this one. Thanks

PS when did the pie charts get added? Please don't add one with my win rate, haha

Owner13 months ago

Those were added earlier this week. More coming today.

Supporter13 months ago

Awesome. So glad to hear that. 

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