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Supporter9 months ago

Has anyone played #Mechs vs. Minions? @BenjaminK? When I first heard about the game I thought it was a cash grab and it wasn't until I saw it on a couple of top 100's that I realized it's actually a great game! Having played League of Legends back in college days, it really sparks interest in me and I feel like my wife would enjoy it as well.

9 months ago

I haven't. I've dabbled with LoL, but I was never as into it as my roommate and in-laws. I was good enough to know I was a hindrance to the team, even if I did get a kill or two haha I would like to play Mechs vs. Minions though. looks like  a good game with high production quality. I've heard lots oof good things about it.

9 months ago

I'm looking for a game that feels similar in strategy level to #Suburbia or #Splendor. I liked #Deus but it was a little long. I really enjoy the tableau-building aspect of each of these games, where you're purchasing cards/tiles in order to add them to a personal collection. I enjoy the market aspect of Suburbia and Splendor as well as #Machi Koro, but I'm definitely not opposed to the hand-management style like Deus or #7 Wonders. I have been recommended #Space Base and I do plan to try that, but I'm interested if anyone here has a different take on a recommendation. 

Is there a game that has those elements, but also includes a board like in Deus, but also takes 30-45 mins? 

Supporter9 months ago

I recommend checking out Vikings Raid & Conquer Game if you like deck builders or Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes if you're a Carcassonne fan.

Vikings: Raid & Conquer initially is a typical deck builder.  You have your buying power and your attack power.  Where Vikings shines is in how you use your power.  

After a couple of initial "build up rounds" where you simply buy cards to prepare your deck the real fun begins.  After looking at your hand you decide what you are going to do with your power.  You can attempt a raid on the raid deck alone or with others, defend your territory, or attack another player. 

It really adds another layer to it as you not only need to figure out what you want to do but also what others are likely to do because if you are out raiding or attacking and get attacked some of your loot could be stolen!

There is also the concept of burying treasure which you can then use to purchase a raid card instead but if you don't build up your power to defend your realm you are leaving yourself open to be constantly attacked.  

First player to 5 raid cards ends the game, count up your treasure points and the most treasure is the winner.  

Edited to add: This game works best with 4 or 5 players.  You really need that interaction for the game to shine.

Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes is in some ways similar to Carcassonne in that you are playing tiles to build a landscape.   A nice change is you get to pick the tile you want which gives you more control. 

However, in this landscape you are placing various buildings that give you "power" in regions.  Some buildings give you more power but only in one region where others give you a little power in all the regions connected to a tile.  Once a region is completed you get goods depicted depending on your power in the region.  The person with the least power in the region can choose a tile and use its special power which can do a variety of things like modify the goods the person has, shuffle out a new set of tiles, acquire gold etc.

The goods are used to score on cards that are handed out at the beginning of the game but you also get a chance to tweak them in the middle of the game if things aren't going according to plan.  

At the end of the game score points according to your scoring cards, score for every set of goods you have, and score for the gold you've acquired through special powers.  Also, enjoy the landscape you've made!

Supporter9 months ago

You keep on recommending #Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes. I keep seeing it on sale, I really just need to jump on it sometime. 

Supporter9 months ago

I really like it.  I will say that not everyone in my group is in love with it.   It's a lighter game but we are usually done in the 45 minutes it says on the box and I enjoy it for what it is!

Supporter9 months ago

I recomend that y'all check out #CIV: Carta Impera Victoria for a light quick filler. It feels like a bit of a cross between #Lost Cities and #Innovation