Two Months into No games

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I have a goal of purchasing no games in 2021 essentially to force myself to take a good look at the games I have, to enjoy them, and to determine which ones I really enjoy playing and find myself wanting to get to the table.  

Two months in this has been challenging as there have been several games I watched pass by and did not purchase or back. #Stroganov is the most recent to really pique my interest. #Red Rising is getting a hard push from friends of mine who love the series and are trying to get me to read it. #The Transcontinental is another I think was available at the beginning of the year that has tickled my brain. #Hallertau is right up there with Stroganov at the top of my list.

Runner-ups include #Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Collector's Edition and #Paladins of the West Kingdom: City of Crowns

Of games on the market, I am struggling not to buy: #Coffee Traders is very high along with #Lost Ruins of Arnak which has had price fluctuations all over the place. #Call to Adventure continues to intrigue me.  

What game are you holding-off from buying but having a hard time waiting for?

Are there games you've bought that in retrospect, you wish you'd waited on?

Are there games you've passed on that you later wished you'd have jumped on?

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Supporter7 days ago

What a fun question... as you know I try to be very discerning with my purchases for many of the same reasons.  I want to really enjoy what I have.  I still have games I love that don't get played enough.  It also helps me weed out games that maybe aren't my favorites.  I have a few games I'd like to try to sell but haven't had much luck (because I don't have Facebook and don't have access to marketplace).

For me budget is also a factor.

I'm curious if your friends are pushing you to read Red Rising or buy the game?  I say if it's to buy the game because they really love the IP and want to play tell them to get it.  (This is not meant to sound snarky).

Honestly, there isn't much right now that I really want to get (which is a good thing).  I do think I'd at least consider #Ares Expedition - The Terraforming Mars Card Game and #Shadow Tactics - the Board Game.  On a semi related notes, I never get 2P games which is a little sad since there are some great ones out there, but I just don't ever have a chance to play those.

I think I would have waited #Western Legends until after the KS.  I'm glad I backed it and supported it, but from a financial stand point I don't think many of the extras you got from backing were worth what it cost.

I wouldn't say I passed on the #Root KS because it was on KS when I first was really heavy into the hobby and I don't think I had a chance to pay attention enough to back it.

Premium User7 days ago

They are pushing me to read the book.  No one knew about the game until I mentioned it.  I'd be more inclined to encourage them to buy the game and play it with them than get it myself. 

#Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition looks interesting but from what I have heard, it's Terraforming Mars the card game.  If I didn't have Terraforming Mars already I'd consider it.  

I think #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs was the most disappointing game I remember getting on Kickstarter.  It's not too bad and I am not looking to actively get rid of it because it's still fun for a small box game on a trip, but not nearly as much fun as I was hoping.

Supporter6 days ago

My only interest in the new TM card game is that I love the theme but didn't love the original game.  But it's not enough to back it.

The only game I really wish in the long run I hadn't backed or picked up was #Tiny Epic Zombies.  It was fine at first but I figured out after that I don't love one versus all or coop games much.  I think the Tiny Epic games are cool, but generally they don't blow me away when I play them.  I think if I had a need for more travel games I would be more interested in them.

Having said that I'm really happy I backed #Tiny Epic Tactics because it's based on my all time favorite video game and I don't have the cash to get into a bigger Tactical board game.  Plus, it's really fun.

Premium User7 days ago

I'm impressed by these commitments, though you do have a substantially larger collection than I do, which may make it easier (but what do I know).

Personally, I wouldn't say there are any games from which I'm either feeling buyer's remorse or anxious to get at the moment. The one game that I was really anxious to get when it came available was #Inis, and I jumped on that at the first opportunity. Another like that was #Dune: Imperium, which I also pre-ordered and picked up right away, which I am glad that I did, as it sold out quickly in many places. Like I said, though, I have no regrets with those two.

I am seriously considering backing Ragnarocks when the KS opens (tomorrow, I think), based on the designer and some gameplay that I watched. It's the same designer as #Santorini, one of my top 10 games, and it shares the simplicity of the ruleset and the variety of gameplay by including "god power" cards, the same way that Santorini does.

7 days ago

I am with you on Coffee Traders...I love the theme, I love the art and the interaction but am having trouble seeing my group get it out often enough to justify the massive up front cost!

Supporter7 days ago

I know nothing about #Coffee Traders but... it sounds like something I'd love from a theme perspective.  Of course I think I already have my two purchases of the year slated (my one expansion will be "purchased" tomorrow).  If for some reason my one game purchase doesn't stack up the way I hope maybe I'll look at Coffee Traders.

7 days ago

Keep it on the radar! It only plays at 3 to 5 players which is my big hesitation! What is the expansion?

Supporter6 days ago

Oh I will, I'm going to look into this week.  3 - 5 player count is actually great for my group so that's a + in my book.

I just backed #Root: The Marauder Expansion and I am so excited about it.  I think my play style is gonna blend really well with the Rat faction.  I'm also really excited for the minor factions (Hirelings) because it will aid my 2P games with my daughter.

6 days ago

Hey power to ya! I think 3-5 works well for mine too but the complexity of learning the game might be a turn off. My group is leaning towards loving games with not a lot of rules with deeper strategies. Not sure this fits unfortunately. 

Heck ya! I am sure this will help you fall even more in love with Root :) 

Supporter6 days ago

I'll see where Coffee Traders lies.  Thankfully I've found a group that is Heavy Complexity friendly, which is just fine by me.  Not that I have to have a complex game mind you, but I do enjoy them from time to time.

Premium User7 days ago

If there is one drawback it is that this is pretty heavy and I don't think it would see a lot of plays and likely will fall into a similar category with #Anachrony or #The Gallerist.

7 days ago

The plus with the other two games you mentioned are that they have highly regarded solo modes while Coffe Traders is unabashadely anti-2-player-or-solo-mode. 

Premium User7 days ago

True that

7 days ago

I have only backed/purchased #Carnegie this year.  My bday is soon so maybe I'll treat myself to some new games as a gift. 

The #Red Rising game is interesting to me since I've read the books but not sure how often I'd get it played. 

There are a couple of games that i've picked up 2nd hand that in retrospect didn't fit my gaming group(s) that I wish I wouldn't have purchased.  I can't think of anything I've bought new that I regret at this point.

Premium User7 days ago

#Carnegie is an interesting game that I would have considered.  It's on the peripheral radar come 2022.  If I'm lucky, a friend will get it and I'll get a chance to play.

7 days ago

I've been enjoying the game on BGA and the kickstarter extras pushed me to making the purchase.  I don't back a bunch of games on Kickstarter (this was only my 2nd purchase).  I've been successful at avoiding the FOMO bug so far.