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I was looking at some of the answers to the Hangry Thief / Ideal Board Game Site survey I posted yesterday and a specific sentiment popped up quite a few times and really meant a lot to me.

Some of you shared that BGA provided a friendly, welcoming space for new and old board gamers and I gotta say I felt very proud. Although it sucks to know that so many other sites have a harder time of making users feel welcome, I'm glad that, although our site is newer, we've been able to help some fellow board gamers out there feel like they can share their honest questions and opinions without being judged.

As a newer gamer myself, I thought that was really cool and definitely feel the same way. Some of you also shared that you wish there was more activity on the forum especially bc it is such a welcoming site. Feeling welcomed might not go very far if not much activity and interaction exists on the forum and I get that too.

My hope is that the BGA forum will grow in activity, not just for the sake of it, but so that others in the community won't feel pressured or insecure about sharing their love for board games with others. I also hope that growing in activity won't, even in the slightest, affect the supportive and friendly community we have now.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who had made this forum such a positive and caring one (: 

If there are any other sites or places that are board game & people friendly, feel free to post em below!

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