What did you play this week?

This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Owner15 months ago

I played WingspanPipelineDominion 2nd Edition, and Century: Spice Road. I was absolutely impressed by Pipeline. It felt like it has so much room for any player to create and build amazing engines to grow and pay off. It was a rough first play though so it's the type of game I imagine that I'll be able to teach it better and help the players enjoy it more now that I've gone through the first time.

Dominion and Century are of course always solid games that are quick and easy.

Owner15 months ago

Wingspan - had another round of this! It was my second play after I had interviewed the artists (Natalia and Ana), so it gave me a new way to appreciate the game now that I knew some stories behind the art and how they ended up working with Stonemaier Games. Actually did worse than my first play even though I was so much aware of how to play this time around. I didn't have any pink powers on the board and I think that made quite a difference in how limited I was by resources.

Premium User15 months ago

No boardgames this week but we did start off a new D&D campaign with some new players.  I'm DMing again but this time using the Ghosts of Saltmarsh pre-made adventures to make the load a bit easier.