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Innovation Strategy?


This has been a good year for two-player games for me and my wife, and Innovation has become our most-played game. We've played 11 times and I've won four times. I seem to have gotten better as I've won our last two games, but what's strange is that I get to the end of a game and don't seem to have a good grasp on what I've done well or badly. I suppose we're not far off from 50/50 and the sample size is still pretty small, but it certainly feels like there are successful strategies. I just don't know how to articulate them, despite feeling pretty confident in each individual play I make. It's so tactical that I feel like there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, but I still feel like I'm missing something with this one. Any thoughts?

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Supporter2 months ago

Innovation is awesome. It was in my top ten last year, and it got in there quite easily. It really is best at two players, so I am not surprised you are enjoying it.

When it comes to strategy, I have found that, for me, it is difficult to get a good strategy. I just focus on finding broken combo's and exploiting them until a better combo comes along or my opponent startes using a broken combo on me. You have to be willing to let any plans you have slide, and switch combos really quickly. He who tries to stick to his origianal plan will probably lose.

2 months ago

It seems like one of those games where knowing the entirety of the deck would help... but that is an enormous proposition.

Ava on the ShutupandSitDown podcast did a good segment recently talking about Innovation... they're a big fan of Chudyk games and Innovation is their favourite game.

Premium User2 months ago

I've only played this once on Board Game Arena and had a similar feeling. I shockingly won, despite having 0 idea of what I actually did. I think it's difficult in a game like Innovation with so many cards to have one set strategy. I asked my fiancée to pick it up for me for Christmas so hopefully I can play it more in person and get a better grasp on it myself.

Supporter2 months ago

I might have to track this one down

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