Daily Game Playmat Giveway (3/15) Winner is...


menthabrw! Congratulations! I sent you a PM and look forward to which playmat you pick! If want to see the drawing you can watch me as I run the tool that picks the winner!

You can watch the video of me pick the winner here: https://youtu.be/ltSmqMo0Thw

I want to shout out a few users

Tomorrow will be another playmat giveaway so keep on working towards growing the community. You could be lucky with the next giveaway tomorrow!

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27 months ago

I don't have much use for playmats, and have very little time due to break ending, so i'm sitting this week out. i'll continue to help when and where i can. congrats to all the winners!

27 months ago

I agree but a playmat for when I play other places might be useful...lol

Premium User27 months ago

Very cool to have this as an offer each day. :)

27 months ago