Board Game Standing Desk - Product Review - YouTube

Today I'm reviewing the Anthrodesk Board Game Standing Desk! Does it stand up to standards? Find out! As part of my agreement with Anthrodesk, I was told to ......

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Premium User12 months ago

"which has definitely convinced me that she watched it" - LOL

Owner12 months ago

His facial expression and voice tone are just perfect for this content lol

12 months ago

That was pretty hilarious. Know your market people!

That said, we often play at a taller bar height table so we can stand and survey the boards and opponents.

Owner12 months ago

Hahaha have you watched his videos before? My first one was about a month ago and ever since, I've been sharing it here whenever I see one pop up :D

Are there particular games that your group prefers to play on the bar height table? I feel like some would go well and some would be better sitting down

12 months ago

This is the first of his video's I've seen, and its great.

The table we tend to play at is actually in our little kitchen nook area. I think the table top is about 42" square and we do have bar chairs/stools to sit on.

When there is only 2 or 3 of us we play #Scythe  or #Pandemic: Iberia,  card games like #Video Vortex  or #Disney Villainous, or even dice games like #Dice Forge work great, its a smaller table which makes it easier for everyone to see all whats going on.

Its nice to be able to get up and walk around, some people prefer to sit, others stand or a mix. We actually first played Munchkin:Rick and Morty at a bar Snakes and Lattes (back when we could do such things). There were 5 of us standing around a bar table.

We'll break out a folding table if there are more people or the game needs more space though.

Premium User12 months ago

I think war games are often played standing up, and I think tables built specifically for war gaming are a little taller. The large play area combined with the constant need to move pieces around the table basically require players to stand so they can lean over the table.

Premium User12 months ago

I love my standing desk for work but a board game evening at a desk...hmmmm.  Maybe stand up for one game, sit down for the next? ;)

12 months ago

Not gonna lie, I actually had made a standing desk out of board games....

Supporter12 months ago

Interesting. I stand all day at work and would love it if my countertop was adjustable but standing to play board games? Hmm. 

Premium User12 months ago

Watch the video lol

Partner9 months ago

I love absolutely everything about this.



Comment deleted.

9 months ago

Standing offers demonstrated physical advantages that incorporate diminished back, neck, and shoulder torment, improved blood dissemination, expanded vitality consumption, and better stance. These should all prompt more advantageous and more joyful gamers. so a big yes to best stand up desk while gaming.

12 months ago

Ha, this is excellent, I was hoping that at the end he was going to say that while he couldn't use it for board games he had managed to find a use for it as a place to store his computer...

12 months ago

A good friend of mine and board game buddy has been saying for years that he would love a board game table that would be at a taller height.  That way people could stand while playing.  Usually during our gaming sessions we are standing up and surveying the board and stretching our legs anyway.

For now i guess we are stuck with this inferior model.  Thanks to Dragon's Tomb for saving me a few bucks.  /s

Partner12 months ago

A drafting table might work. They are adjustable.