Board Game Scout is out and running.

Let me introduce my hobby android project I was working on for a while as the final project of an android development course I attending.Thanks to Board Game Atlas database and the great API they provide I just rolled out the first beta version of the app Board Game Scout as my first ever project on Google Play.

The app idea is not too unique :) It is basicly keeping track of your game collection, and of the games you wanna buy in the future. The app will help you see through your collection of games, and follow the current prices of your wishlisted games, alias the "Scout List". So the app is frequently downloading the latest prices of the games to alert you when it is time to go for shopping.

There is a widget companion to see your Scout List on the home screen of your phone without opening the app.

The home screen gonna host some lists about trending, popular and discounted games.There is a search screen (it is very basic for now, but I am planning to add some filters for not so specific searches).One tab for The Scout List, another for the collections and lists you have on BGA (you can add your username in the settings tab). You cannot modify your BGA lists yet, but you will be able in the future. The Scout List and the My Collection is available offline, the BGA lists need avtive internet connection.And at least there is a settings menu where you will have some basic settings as enabling notification or analytics.

The app is collecting data for Firebase Analytics by default such as: game added/removed to wishlist, game added/removed from collection, game viewed, and store name if you click on a store-price link. I do not collect any sensitive data, and I cannot identify users so I won t know who added the Monopoly My Little Pony edition in the collection.

You can easily opt out in the settings menu, BUT if you d like to support my project you leave it enabled. I decided not to put Google Ads and other crap in the app so  this is the only thing that can motivate me further (I have no financial benefit from the app), to see that the users are engaging with the app and hopefully I will be able to present some interesting stats and graphs within the app.

You can also help me with feedback how to improve the app (there are tons of things that I still want to implement thanks to the rapidly improving API).

Board Game Scout beta on Google Play

Leave feedback in a comment below or send a personal message.If you have time please test the widget it supposed to update about every 6 hours ( unfortunately because of android deep sleep mode sometimes it is not updating, I am already working on a more reliable solution ).

Notifications are not available yet they will come with next version with a fixed widget hopefully :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Supporter20 months ago

The home search and collection tabs are great! I've got some questions

  1. Are you planning to make an iOS version?
  2. Also, what is the Scout tab? I can't seem to interact with it at all.
  3. The collections tab was empty when I first got the app. It'd be nice to have at least a button or link to enter in my username rather than having to find it in settings.

Overall great stuff!

Supporter20 months ago

In the future I will make an iOS version, but do not expect it too soon :)

ScoutList and My Collection are local databases saved to your phone so they work offline. But you have to fill them up with games because they start blank.

Game detail page is accessable when you click on the Game picture on top of Price detail page. I will add a dedicated button in the future. I guess it is only obvious for me :D

Scout tab is basicly a wishlist that shows the games you added to Scout List with the current lowest prices always.Right now adding and removing games from lists works only from the Game Detail page.

My collection tab is empty untill you add your games to the collection (I shall put some descriptions on empty list to let you know how to deal with)

In settings menu you can add the username and then if you go to  collections tab and click on the right top icon you will see your BGA lists to choose from.