Burglar - a game so fun... it's criminal

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Many of us grew up playing traditional games where the layout was always the same. You moved from room to room, always knowing how many spaces it would take to get there. 

Burglar is different every time you play because of how the board changes. You are searching for different items, which will be in different places. The furniture is not printed onto the board, but is instead on tiles of different shapes and sizes. You can even move the furniture during the game to block your opponents!

You can get a print & play copy of the game for £10, or a physical copy for £20. You can also get crime scene socks, with or without the game. Keep them for yourself, or give them as a gift! Check out the fully-funded Kickstarter campaign before it ends on November 29, 2019.

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About the Game

Burglar is a game about a heist, set in a 1920s manor house. It's a game designed for families, with simple rules and a 30-minute play time. Players are each given three items to find, and they must escape with their items first. 

The game comes with the board, 18 cards that show players the items they're looking for, 18 item tiles and 2 dog tiles, 7 furniture tiles, 6 people counters, and dice. The art is in a very elegant, 1920s style that evokes the time period and the theme.

The item and dog tiles are hidden in the room at the start of game play. If a player uncovers a watchdog, they lose the items they have collected. Sometimes other players will uncover an item that their opponent is looking for, so it's important for players to pay attention during everyone's turn.

Use skill and strategy to remember where your objects are, and to block your opponents. The winner is the first player to find all of their items and exit through their color coded Enter/Escape point.

More on Kickstarter

All backers who pledge for the game will also receive a bonus card game called SWAG. Check out this campaign on Kickstarter before it ends on November 29, 2019.

Go to the Kickstarter!

JamesReid860 18 days ago | 2 points[-]

Very interesting. The graphic design reminds me of clue for some reason 

indigopotter Supporter18 days ago | 1 point[-]

But more interactive, in the way you can move the furniture around.

JamesReid860 6 days ago | 2 points[-]

definitely! I like that

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