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How to Play Caverna: The Cave Farmers - Nights Around a Table

If you like the idea of Agrciola, but don't want to bite your nails down to the quick, the more generous board game Caverna: The Cave Farmers might be more your speed....

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37 days ago

I always thought agricola was preferred, didn't realize there was a battle between these two

Premium User36 days ago

I'm learning it's quite the battle

36 days ago

It depends on where you're getting your board game propaganda! But yes... my gut feeling is that more people prefer Agricola. But gut feelings aren't scientific.

38 days ago

Absolutely: Caverna's got the cure for what Agricolas you. It seems designed almost as a direct response to Agricola, addressing player complaints. (Of course, many diehards stand by Agricola!)  Also, please don't judge Uwe by Patchwork. Bleh!

Premium User38 days ago

No judgements here! But just curious, what games would you judge him by? Every time I see AFFO on sale I almost grab it just because it's so highly regarded. Is that his best design do you think?

Premium User38 days ago

Thanks for the video! I mentioned in the comments of the last video you posted to BGA that Uwe Rosenberg games were recently recommended to me. I've only ever played #Patchwork and #Agricola (Revised Edition) but that was only once. We had some fun with Agricola but it's probably too mean for us so this one definitely seems nicer. 

38 days ago

Judge him by AFFO. i was really impressed by it. Agricola and Caverna are also good, and i'm told good things about Nusfjord.

Premium User38 days ago

Thanks! Now I'll have to check out your how to play for AFFO 

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