Why am I always late doing this? - Shelf of Shame/Opportunity Contest Q2 Month 2 Recap

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I mostly just do this to keep myself on track, but I know (read: think) there are a few of you who are interested to hear about my progress in my quest to play all my unplayed games. I posted about the first month of this quarter back a little over a month ago. Because of that, I'm not going to rehash every single game that I haven't played and how I still haven't played them lol. This just will serve as an update to my progress. The goal is to play 25% of my unplayed games every quarter of 2022. I started off April with 42 unplayed games and managed to play 7 of them. Math would indicate I only needed to play 4 more games to reach my goal. Unfortunately, May brought in WAAAAYYY too many games that I now need to play. Let's take a look:

Games added in May:

It should be noted that I won a contest here an BGA which didn't help this cause in the slightest. Also of note, I may have backed a few games on crowdfunding. Being that I can't play them until they deliver, they aren't going to get mentioned here. Finally, I reaquired a couple of games that I have previously played so they aren't listed here either.

#Tikal - for whatever reason this had been at the top of my wishlist for a really long time. Thanks to my contest winnings, I was able to finally pick it up. Have I opened it? No I have not lol.

#LlamalandPLAYED 5/21/22 - Hey look 2 games in and I actually played one! Well kinda..I'm counting my 2 handed solo plays as plays. I need all the help I can get.

#Full Throttle!PLAYED 5/28/22 - ANOTHER play?!?! This one was with real people and they didn't seem to like it much. I'm actively trying to sell it.

#Samarkand: Routes to Riches - Thanks to the Hidden Gems podcast, this ended up on my shelf.

#Heimlich & Co. - Same as above.

#Blokus 3D - I'm easily swayed by this podcast...

#San Francisco - I think this is the correct game. I had the same problem when purchasing it. Might get rid of it before I play it.

#Lords of VegasPLAYED 5/28/22 - Had a pretty good time with this. Now to play with the expansion..

#Blood Rage - Picked this up with the contest winnings mostly to play with my friends. Got the #Blood Rage: 5th Player Expansion as well.

#Good Puppers - The final game from my contest win. Sarah is more of a dog person (we have cats so she has to be one of those too) so I thought she would find this cute.

#Pictomania (Second Edition) - Won this in a charity auction. Thought it might be a good game to play with my inlaws.

#Deep Sea Adventure - Same as above.

#Troyes - Acquired via trade. I've thought about playing this on BGA just to say I've played it.

#Bites - Backing the KS for the expansions to this and a couple other games. Turns out I didn't have the base games and now I do.

#Kabuto SumoPLAYED 5/22/22 - Same as above, except I actually played it. Another 2 handed solo experience.

#Ra - Bought a used copy off the Geekmarket. I'd really like to play it but as with most games, I have not.

#DécorumPLAYED 5/21/22 - Sarah and I played 3 games back to back of this when we first played. That's always a good sign.

#Northern PacificPLAYED 5/28/22 - Both really simple and really mean. I think I like it for at least one of those reasons.

#Take It Easy! - Oh now we're back to Hidden Gems games again..this one I think Sarah would enjoy.

#Blockers! - This one also was reviewed on Hidden Gems but I shockingly only got it because it came as a BOGO with Take it Easy.

#Montage - The Hidden Gems love continues. This one I can't wait to play despite being awful at word games.

#Haggis - I should really stop listening to this podcast..

#Sequoia - Hadn't played it by the end of May, but it has been played.

#GuildhallPLAYED 5/28/22 - Was given this for free then promptly played it to see if we actually liked it. Unfortunately we did, but I don't know if I want to actually keep it.

Other games played for the first time:

#Ark NovaPLAYED 5/15/22 - We liked this one but I'm not sure if it's as much as we liked similar games. I only say that because we haven't returned to it but it's likely just because it's so time consuming.

#Art DeckoPLAYED 5/14/22 - Played this against random opponents on BGA. Definitely not the best way to play, but hey it counts.

#Dice ForgePLAYED 5/14/22 - Another BGA play. I didn't like it at all and have since traded it away.

#Healthy Heart HospitalPLAYED 5/19/22 - Interesting co-op game about running a hospital and hiding bodies lol. Played solo which was fun, but would have been better with more people.

To recap, I added 24 games in May that I hadn't previously played. I managed to play 7 of them which is awesome because that's over my 25% goal for the quarter. The bad news is I added 24 games to my collection, bringing my total "unplayed" game count from 42 to 66. This means I need to play 17 of them. I also played 4 games that I hadn't yet played (or in some cases, opened lol).

Overall, I have played 18 games since April 1st that were both owned by me and new to me. If I were to stop now, I would hit my goal for the quarter. Of course that's not how my life works so we'll see what the future holds! 

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Moderator Level 118 days ago

Well done for all the barriers you had in your way!  Seems like you are doing quite well :)

Moderator Level 118 days ago

"All the barriers" meaning all the games I bought. LOL Thanks!

Moderator Level 117 days ago

Self inflicted barriers are still barriers...rofl!

19 days ago

Nothing new delivered in May and got my kickstarter version of #Carnegie in on June 1st.  To add to my shelf of opportunity.  Got 2 solo plays in this week so off that shelf :)

However I still haven't made any progress on any of the other games on my shelf of opportunity this month so my shelf continues to contain:

  1. #Memoir '44 - relatively new game (added late 2021 - so I guess not that new anymore) Need to get this to the table soonish.  Maybe I'll ask if either of my boys want to try it with me.
  2. #SHANS - Got in April.  I'm excited to get it to the table but I need to go over the rulebook at  least once more and probably watch a game play video to make sure we have a good experience.  It may be a while before I get this played as the group that I thnk will enjoy it the most will have some conflicts the next 6 weeks or so.  Figure this stays on this shelf until the fall.
  3. #The Blood of an Englishman - I  just don't get a ton of 2 players game played and when I do play 2 player this isn't one that I'm interested in.  Going on the sell/trade pile

I'm expecting a couple of additional kickstarters to arrive yet in June or early July so I don't expect this list to dwindle anytime soon. :(

Moderator Level 118 days ago

I think I saw #Memoir '44 is on BGA in beta now? Might be a way to give it a shot.

Can't believe you would sell/trade an unplayed game! I gotta get on your level.

Premium User20 days ago

You definitely have to play Blood Rage in person.  It is pretty fun on BGA but a bit clinical.  Nothing like driving your enemies before you and hearing their lamentations for real... ;)

19 days ago

Played Blood Rage last night with the #Blood Rage: Gods of Ásgard expansion which I like as it adds just a little bit of extra to the game and can change the strategy based on what Gods are in play.  Won 113 - 112-111, obviously the closest game I've ever had of it.  I pulled out the win by having a  huge final round with having most of my troops destroyed via Ragnarock and doubling the bonus for that and having two ships (Sea Serpant + ship) giving me 12 points when destroyed :) 

Premium User19 days ago

Nice!  Definitely the closest game I've ever seen.

Moderator Level 119 days ago

Just gotta get some people over who would be interested to try it out. Sarah is not one of those people haha

Premium User19 days ago

It's good with 3 players as well as 4.  I've never played it at 2 but I think it would be a different game for sure at that player count.

Moderator Level 120 days ago

I'm here to request a photo of your entire collection of games, haha

Moderator Level 120 days ago

Your wish is my command! I actually JUST got in the other Box Throne shelves I had preordered in December! I got them mostly set up, I think there's another package or 2 on the way.

I'll send you pics on discord because the sites not letting me upload my pics here..

Moderator Level 115 days ago

I've made great progress on my shelf of shame; from 20+ games a little over a month ago, to just 3 left today!  

The three remaining are:

#Boonlake , #Praga Caput Regni (both heavier games so it's harder to get them to the table, but will over the next couple of weeks for sure), #The Thing: The Boardgame (need enough players which probably wont happen till Fall)

New games added in May:

#Wingspan with all expansions

New games added in June so far (will get 2 more for my birthday later this weeK):

#Ark Nova

(the two coming are #Dead Reckoning and #My Father's Work )

New Kickstarter backing in may/june


I also preordered #Yak from Gamenerdz, but that will ba a gift for my wife's birthday in Dec

Moderator Level 115 days ago

Now you have me looking up Yak....

Moderator Level 115 days ago

Its a really cute Azul style game