Oath - Update from Leder Games with Pictures!


Leder Games recently sent out a newsletter with pictures of the first mass produced copy of Oath. Here they are!

I don't know about you, but that looks absolutely amazing! I love the color choices and the different materials of the components. What do you think?


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56 days ago

Thank you x2 - Awaiting the arrival of this and I signed up for the newsletter which I wasnt yet for some strange reason.

Come #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile - Can't wait!

Owner56 days ago

We have an office copy coming our way too :)

57 days ago

I am so hyped for this game. Root has been the best investment I have made.....played it so many times. Games for people who play the same games repeatedly :D

Supporter57 days ago

Yes!  By far my favorite game in my collection and has been for some time.

Owner57 days ago

Agreed! I'll be getting that new expansion for sure. They'll be going live tomorrow to talk more about it.

Seeing this makes me wonder how good the solo mode will be for Oath. I believe you mentioned before that Cole said it probably wouldn't be the best purchase if you'll be playing solo only?

Supporter57 days ago

Cole did mention that it should not be played primarily as a solo game.

Supporter56 days ago

I think that I might have been the one to state that. That being said, I am going to be really curious how it works for solo players.

Supporter57 days ago

Looks great, can't wait to get my copy when they ship later this year.

Owner57 days ago

With #Root, #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), #Dune, and Oath, you're forming quite the collection for those types of games lol

Supporter57 days ago

For sure... and right now (without knowing anything about it besides that it's going to be designed by Cole) it looks like John Company might end up being my one pruchase this year.

Owner56 days ago

I'll have to try hard to resist that one. The combination of Cole, intriguing historical narrative, and Pax Pamir 2E like treatment (streamlined rules and upscaled production) will always tempt me big time now :(

Supporter55 days ago

Premium User57 days ago

Wow, those visuals are fantastic. I also love the color choices. This is definitely a premium game! I'm not sure I'd want to spend the money for it, as it's almost certainly best with a consistent group. I don't have a consistent game night or anything, so this may not be best for us. I would love to try it, though!

Owner57 days ago

Right? I'll have to snap back to reality on this one. No way I'd ever get in plays if not for solo.

Premium User40 days ago

It certainly looks good.  I am curious how this will compare to #Root.  I haven't read up on #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile to know much about it.  Love those metal coins!

Premium User48 days ago

Played my first game on TTS and I really enjoyed it.  Can't wait to get my copy.

Partner52 days ago

Oh wow, these pics look gorgeous!  I had Patrick on the show, and honestly, his description of the game juiced up the Chat Krewe like not a lot of other games we have discussed. I think there's a trust factor there...Vast, Root, Fort all have delivered great experiences. Can't wait to play Oath and thanks for sharing! I need to jump on that newsletter too. 

Supporter56 days ago

the game looks beautiful, I'll probably get this one if the game turns out solid, which I'm pretty confident it will. I've never made the leap to root since I've always thought it better at higher player counts and the learning curve somewhat steep, but its ever always on my wishlist.

Supporter56 days ago

I'm at the point where I don't really like to play #Root with less than 4.  I even really like it at 5 players.  The expansion they are working on is supposed to help and support lower player counts though.

Premium User40 days ago

I agree on #Root.  I really enjoy the game and after the last time played, I really wanted to play again.  Sadly, it's too aggressive for my family and so I can only bring it out for a game night with others.  I think when the kids get older and are more ok with just playing for the fun of it, they will like it then.

Supporter39 days ago

I'm training my oldest in #Root and plan to add each kid as they get old enough for a big family brawl!

Premium User39 days ago

Very wise.  Perhaps one day...hundreds of years from now...history will look back and find that Root was a breeding ground for long-standing sibling conflict.  

Supporter56 days ago

Yes, this does look stunning. I expected it to look good, and it looks even better than good.

Supporter56 days ago

Looks soooooooo good!

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