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Best video chat games

Been playing lots of games via video chat since covid but one of my best friends is in another state and we are more able to play using video chat. However we don't care for tabletop amd prefer to be able to play via playing with an actual board.


Are there any games that would work really well doing this? We have benefits playing worker placement games like Rajas of the ghanges. He also really likes azul for the look and feel.


Any help would be appreciated!

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36 days ago

I gave this a lot of thought early on in the shutdown.  Are you guys playing games where both of you have a copy set up and you do the moves for each other or only one person has a copy and they show the board over video?  For the former, it would have to be games that have very little hidden information or randomness.  So no games with decks of cards basically haha.  #Puerto Rico would be great.  Maybe #The Castles of Burgundy if one player is in charge of randomizing the chips.  For the latter, I would assume it would have to be something where the board isn't too dense or complicated?  Not sure what restrictions your set up would have.  And I think in either case co-op games would  work very well. 

Owner38 days ago

I've been able to play a few games and some are better than others but so far I liked#Welcome to... and#Codenames

They both felt like we were pretty able to effectively play them like we normally would.

37 days ago

I came here to say #Welcome to... as well! I have had a lot of success there. #Big Boggle is another one!