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Clockroot: Run the Clockwork bots in your browser! | Root | BoardGameGeek


So, in light that I will soon be getting and trying out my own copy of #Root solo.... I was looking at the BGG forums about it... And found this. I thought some of you might be interested. 

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10 months ago

Thank you!  Now I just need to find a moment to play this solo haha

Supporter10 months ago

I know that feeling.

10 months ago

Seems like a common theme around here haha

Supporter10 months ago

Man, I have been so so swamped. I am very busy this week as well. But, then I have two weeks that I hope that will be a little calmer.

10 months ago

I hope that calmer week doesn't fill up for you!

Supporter10 months ago

Thanks. I'm a little worried that it will... But, so is life. 

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