Square Off NEO & SWAP - Powered by Robotics & AI

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Many of us would love to play games more often, but it can be hard to get together. Perhaps your best Chess partner moved abroad, or maybe you're looking for a new opponent. Maybe you're just learning and would like to improve your game. 

When I play games, I enjoy having the game on the table in front of me. There's something satisfying about the look and feel of a physical Chess board. What if you could have that, while getting adaptive AI and personalized coaching? 

With Square Off NEO, you can connect to a friend, or a fellow player on Chess.com, anywhere in the world. The board moves the pieces, so it's as if they're right there with you.

And it's not just Chess. Square Off SWAP comes with a choice of 4 games: Chess, Chinese Checkers, Draughts and Connect 4.

Square Off NEO is available for $129 (save $70 off MSRP). Square Off SWAP is available for $169 (save $80 off MSRP). You can get both SWAP and NEO for $269, a savings of $180 off MSRP! Check out the campaign before it ends on November 21, 2019.

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About Square Off NEO & SWAP

Square Off NEO & SWAP are the latest offerings in the Square Off series. Square Off is an experienced brand. They have the #1 most funded Chess game on Kickstarter. Now they're back with exciting new options.

You can play off screen with two globally connected, automated, affordable boards with multiple games and a built-in coach.

Square Off NEO combines adaptive AI, personalized chess coaching, and 1.5X faster movements with a great looking board available in three finishes. The integrated mobile app not just connects you to your friends across the world but also to 30 million+ users on chess.com. Whether it’s board versus board or board versus app, you experience all their moves right on your board.

SWAP is a board gaming device that allows you to play multiple games on a single surface. Completely automated and globally connected, say hello to the future of game nights.

With its all-new magnetic sensor surface, switch easily between games - simply select the game, change the pieces, and you’re all set for a different experience. Great for game nights or to make new friends as the board connects to players all over the world.

One of my favorite features is the auto reset - it automatically moves your pieces back to their starting spaces with the tap of a button! The pieces also have a "parking space" where they go when they are captured in the game.

More on Kickstarter

There's more information on Kickstarter about all of the features, including video calls and Viktor, the coach, so be sure to check it out before the campaign ends on November 21, 2019.

See the Kickstarter

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This is way cool!

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