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playing the king of all games

Has anyone had the chance to play this master piece recently?

I haven't played since February, and chances are, I won't be able to play until at least Feb 2022.


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45 days ago

Never heard of it before. Why not until 2022?

45 days ago

It's hard to get enough people to commit to playing it except for at our local convention, which won't be happening in 2021.

45 days ago

Ah, bummer. How many do you need?

45 days ago

I would play with 4, many consider 5 the low end.

The main issue is the play time.

Adv Civ plays in 1 hour per player, sometimes less.

46 days ago

Wow, the funky all in one forums on this website take a LOT of getting used to...

Civilization, and especially with the addition of Advanced Civilization, in my opinion is the best game of all time.  It incorporates board position, player interaction, real time trading, arguably the first game with a tech tree, etc...

It is an experience to play.  IMO, there are no "losers".  Each player builds up a civilization from a single token.  You create your own saga each time you play.

There's too much to to try and say in a single post.  You simply have to play it once to find out.

Partner45 days ago

The feed shows new posts and comments for people who don't want to miss anything, but if you're finding it to be too much, perhaps the New Posts (under Forum) would be better, since it only shows threads?

Each game page has its own forums, and you can subscribe to a game you're interested in, using Subscribe under Toolbox in the left-hand menu.

There are also forum topics for threads, to help you find what you're interested in:

45 days ago

To be honest, the way the menus work and how the creators expect this website to be navigated don't make any sense to me.

I did try looking for forums on game pages, didn't see them.  The closest I found was linking a post to a game.

Partner45 days ago

You can use the Forum quicklink (top left of the game page) for it to hop you down to the forum section.

Games are linked when creating the post, as you say, which means if you want to write a thread comparing, or asking about two or more games, it will show up on both games' pages.

Premium User45 days ago

It was on my need to check it out list already but all your praise is inching it closer to the top of that list!

Supporter46 days ago

Colour me jelous for you having played it. I have never played it, never had the group for it. I really really want to play it sometime.

46 days ago

Never heard of it, or played it. What makes it special?

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