Loodo Ninja – Which Kickstarter Board Games to Back (Late August)

Hello friends! Some big Kickstarter projects are over, and many of you are wondering what’s worth backing right now (unless your wallet is taking a summer break). You good old Loodo is here to help you. Let me show you my recommendation list!


Sleeping Gods – the innovative atlas game is still going strong on KS. And rightfully so. Easily my number one of all the ongoing campaigns. A creative adventure game with a storybook included feels like a breath of fresh air. There are still 14 days remaining, and the newest stretch goals include yet another expansion. Insta-back for me.


After the Empire – A worker placement / tower defense game with actual customizable, plastic fortifications and some really innovative mechanics. I love how it looks, and it seems to play equally great. Check it out if you haven’t, especially if you adore euro games.


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