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Game trading finance

When trading board games (online or in person) how much do you care about the market value of the traded items? Are you looking to match value, or just happy to exchange something old for something new?

No judgements, just curious to get a read on how the community feels.

Personally I try to match what I spent on a game, but factor in how much I've played it. I got my money's worth out of more played games and will trade down for things I'm pumped about.

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Supporter10 months ago

I'm not really interested in trading a $75 game for a $10 game. But, that being said, I generally have "play tiers" in my mind. So, I'm more interested in matching or surpassing level of play. This is a deeply personal thing, so is often fairly easy to do. 

The other thing I think about is play opportunities. If I have a 3-5 player game... That won't get played much in my circumstances, so I'll think about trading it for something that will get more play time regardless whether it is a "better game" in my mind or not. 

Supporter10 months ago

I’ve never traded a game before. But I would attempt to get approximately the same value. 

Supporter10 months ago

But, how do you determine value? Do you go of of the NIS value of the games in question? Do you consider the rarity? or the OP status? or????

Supporter10 months ago

I guess I would consider all of those factors. Perhaps I would think about what I would pay for the game I’m trading away and compare that to what I would pay for the game I’m trading for and see if they are roughly equivalent. 

Supporter10 months ago

Ok. That makes sense. 

Premium User10 months ago

Depends on the game to some degree and how long its been sitting on my shelf.  I traded Sword and Sorcery (w/Arcane Portal and Darkness Falls) expansions for A Deluxe Version of Clans of Caledonia.  Shipping was about $63 for the games I sent but Clans retail would have cost around $45 and getting the kickstarter Deluxe version would have been more than $60 had I been chasing that down.  After having played through the solo three times I think it was well worth the trade and the cost of shipping.  Sword and Sorcery is losing value due to better games coming out and replacing it and Clans will get a lot more play and takes up about 1/10th the shelf space S&S took up.  

10 months ago

I haven't really traded games, but when selling games, I do like to think I can get more back from it than I would from a thrift store. I always check what the lowest NIS price is, then check out what other people are selling/have sold theirs for. Depending on how badly I want to sell it (for drug more game money), I'll either lower the price a bit more than the average just to offload it faster, or keep it around the high price for a used copy of the game (in good shape, of course). If my game is in poor condition (which is never the case, might I add), I would drop the price further to take that into account. 

Owner10 months ago

Good question, and I have no idea since I've never done a trade. I've considered it a few times though. I think I would consider whether the games exchanged are in a similar "tier" where I would think "Hmmm trading away Brass for *insert another game similar in price range but considered way below Brass' tier*? I'll pass for now". I'm sure this would play out differently depending on my interest level on the new game though.