Bug Report - Forum List View Upvote Issue

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Not a top priority bug but I noticed that when I click the up arrow when in the forum list view the count doesn't change and the arrow is still displayed.  

I am pretty sure the vote still applied because if I go in to the post it appears to have my vote. 

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Supporter17 months ago

I've had the same problem, but only sometimes. It's seems somewhat spotty for me. 

Owner17 months ago

It's fixed now :D

Supporter17 months ago


Owner17 months ago

It was intentional to leave the arrow there. It just turns purple. I don't feel like it's the best UX. The count though, that's clearly something that should change.

Premium User17 months ago

I did notice the colour change although it's pretty subtle.  If the counter goes up and down though that should be enough feedback.