What did you play this week? (9/20/2021)

(9/20/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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31 days ago

FINALLY was able to get some decent gaming in this past week. Work/life/everything has kept me from the table (all good things though!).

  • #Too Many Bones - took the plunge and played with two Gearlocs (Gasket and Nugget) and had a blast! I forgot how much I love this game. Just a pure fun with saucy combos. Two Gearlocs is a lot to handle if you havent played in a while though lol. 
  • #Friday - been playing this at lunch when I need some down time and I love it! Finally won for the first time last week, very satisfying!
  • #Sprawlopolis - same as Friday, play it at lunch but I havent won ever! Great game though. 
  • #El Grande Big Box @ 4 players - FINALLY played this one and loved it. Man is it clean and mean. Very fun interaction and frustration that came from this!
  • #The Climbers @ 4 players - finished off the night with this lovely little guy. I have really only played this game with non-gamers and I think I prefer that. It went a little long with my gaming friends!

27 days ago

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one to have never won a game of Sprawlopolis. Still a great game, though.

Premium User30 days ago

El Grande! Would love to try that one some time. I wish they'd reprint it and maybe give it a visual refresh as well.

30 days ago

Dude, it is quite good. It can move really quick, just gotta be ok with someone always looking to mess with your majorities lol

Premium User30 days ago

Haha I bet! 

Moderator Level 132 days ago

One game in this week - better than last week!

#Roll Player

Premium User30 days ago

I call that a win!

Moderator Level 125 days ago

I'll agree with you!

32 days ago

Pretty slow week for me again as life is starting to interfere with my game playing.

Got Thursday night group together and we played 2 games of #The Quacks of Quedlinburg w/ #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion.  One of the guys had never played before but he ended up winning the 2nd game pretty easily. As usual I end up being to agressive and bust way to often.  We misplayed one of the yellow powers in the first game which made them a little overpowered, corrected it for the 2nd game.

Premium User32 days ago

How do you like the expansion?

32 days ago

Love the expansion, we used the witches as it's a super easy addition but we didnt use the extra ingredient.

Premium User32 days ago

So-so week for games.

#Caper - persoanl run-through to get down the mechanics of the game

#Rococo: Deluxe Edition - two solo plays (lost both) in preparation for the next Unraveled Game Thoughts video.

#Dune: Imperium - played against two other friend this weekend and lost by one VP.  I pulled a great battle win on one turn and snuck in two VP to make the game closer than it should have been.

#Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles Expansion - finished another scenario and likely down to the final 4-5 scenarios.  

#Aqua Garden - Got in another play with the local boardgame group and we determined some house rules to make this one play a little better and tighter.  I haven't had a change to try out the house rules yet but it did give me the idea to start a series on my channel on house rules and which games I find tham the most useful for.

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - (BGA) - playing one game

#Viticulture: Essential Edition - (BGA) - playing a game of this still.  I am starting to think that some folks have figured out how to dominate this game.  The last two games I played, one person makes it to 20 points + before that next closest (including myself) are at 10!  I generally find myself in second but the  gap is so huge I wonder what I am missing?  Of late, I go for workers first, and that seems to help, but maybe I should be going hard and fast after a couple of fields instead?  I try to use the cards as efficiently as possible and make the most of them...but that seems hit or miss.

Partner18 days ago

I am so jealous that Aqua Garden made it your way! I backed, then backed out, then backed, then backed out of the Kickstarter. I love Heaven & Ale, and the thought of a tiny box game that has similar mechanics but a cool aquarium theme really speaks to me! 

I'll wait to see what you think after you house rule it a bit before trying to get a copy. 

Premium User17 days ago

Becky and I got to play it recently and employed the houserule of allowing advanced fish purchased from the regular fish spaces.  On those spaces, we collect the fish on the space we land and then chose between purchasing one advanced fish or any number of items from the sea floor.  We allowed for any number of players to land on the add spaces and after finishing the game, felt that this might have been too easy.  

We talked about making only the first two open for all and the last two as one person.  However, I think it will work better to allow everyone to land on those spaces (first one on, last one off) but if another player is there, then the arriving player must pay 1 fish from their aquarium for each player on that space.

We will have to test that out the next time around and see how it works.  

This is definitely a fun and beautiful game that I am glad I backed but would like to have some upgrades for.  The meeples are simply the best and the small box size is nice as well.  The gameplay with original rules is lacking and doesn't possess the euro feel Heaven & Ale offers.  I've considered asking my daughter to redesign the player boards as the "fish tanks" on the boards are not big enough and the background could be more significant.  The sea floor board seems just fine.  The main board could use some art enhancement as well (imo).  

This is still a fairly new name for us and my opinion will likely adjust over time.  Hopefully this helps a bit :)

Partner16 days ago

Great recap, thanks!

Premium User32 days ago

Ah man it's been too long since I've played Dune Imperium. Would love to get that to the table soon.

31 days ago

I became interested in this game after watching a movie.

Premium User30 days ago

The new movie?

Premium User32 days ago

In Viticulture I find the base card set can give you some lucky cards but the game definitely goes faster than you think as well.  It could be you have one experienced player and the other players are new?  

I generally find that I take one extra worker and only take a second one if it falls in to my lap. 

It is really possible to get a combination of vines and orders that work well with each other too and that can give you a leg up.  Or get a bunch of orders needing red wine and no red grapes and you are in the opposite situation.

However, all of that said I am nowhere near an expert at this game so I could be wrong.

Premium User32 days ago

I have been wondering if luck plays into this game more than I want it to.  I just can't rule out that I am simply not playing as well as I could...lol

Premium User32 days ago

My general feeling is that luck can be a factor but it's pretty rare to be completely screwed or handed a win.  It can happen but not that often.  I have the visitors from the Rhine valley expansion which makes the game a lot more wine focused and has fewer big VP visitors.

Premium User30 days ago

Good games!  Fantasy Realms is a lot of fun except for the scoring and at least there's an appf or that.  Teotihuacan is often in my top 5.

I've played wingspand but not oceania.  What does it add?

30 days ago

We play Fantasy Realms using the two player variant and if it wasn't for the website/app I don't I'd play it as much. Scoring is beast without it.

Played my first two games of Teo and it's definitely become one of my favorites. Need to try Teotibot next

Oceania adds 95 birds, some new bonus goals and a new food resource called nectar and revised player mats with nectar incorporated into it. The nectar resource is neat and is a 1 for 1 wild as opposed to turning in two food sources. Plus there is some end of gaming scoring that involves nectar. Overall I won't play wingspan now without it where European expansion is more of the same and isn't essential in my opinion. 

Happy gaming!

Partner18 days ago

I just got the expansion in a trade recently -- haven't played it yet but now your post reminded me to get it to the table! 

Premium User25 days ago

Becky and I just got back from celebrating our 20th anniversary in Cancun.  I brought #Aqua Garden and #Caper with us and we played Caper twice and Aqua Garden once.  

We played Aqua Garden with our house-rules and found the game to be much more fun to play.  We decided on one more house rule to keep things from being too easy

Caper was quite fun though we messed up a few rules.  After reading through our mistakes we are anxious to play again.  The way we played made the game a lot harder.  Very fun game in a small box and was easy to transport.  I'll have to take a look at #Caper: Europe and see what that looks like but doubt I'd add it to my collection.

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods (BGA) - I have an ongoing game but after leaving town and having too much time between turns I am now doing terribly and hunting for too much cocoa.

#Viticulture (BGA) - about to get blasted for the upteeneth time.  Its funny to play a game I'm apparently terrible at and still love it.  If anyone wants an eaasy win on BGA, invite me to a game of Viticulture!

New User27 days ago

I played #Gloomhaven solo, which I hadn't played for a whole year. Found it a little hard to set it up and felt a little lost when I had to pick up a scenario. It finally took me half a day to read the rules over and get the material right, and 15 minutes to get back right to it. I began scenario 14 and... Oh my Gosh it is hard, and I love it !

I also played #Veilwraith: A Solo Fantasy Quest Game and #The LOOP both fun to play solo.