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Let's Welcome Our New Users! (11/30/20)


Here are all of the users who joined in the last 9 days! Please give them a warm welcome :)

Thanks for joining and I hope you find something worthwhile either through the community discussions, our search engine, or our latest giveaways! Also, we're giving away (3) $200 gift cards, so make sure to contribute and get in as many entries as possible.

Lastly, for us to get to know you, it'd be great if you could take the time to answer any of these questions: 

  1. How did you find Board Game Atlas?
  2. How long have you been in the hobby?
  3. What are your favorite 3 games at the moment?


Again, a big thank you for coming on board and please feel free to give any feedback through a forum post or by giving me or  a direct message.

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56 days ago

Thanks for this! I like this over other sites as of now and I think the interaction is better. Not to mention it is cool to see something come up and thrive.


1) I think it was a reddit post first but then I stumbled on it again and signed up. Since then feel like I'm seeing advertising for it more than before on videos like 3min board games a stuff.

2) January will be pretty much 2 years and I love it so far! Have to watch out for the cliche over buying. Haha!


3) My top games changes quite a.bit because it is based off what I'm playing at the time. Right now I'd say Omen: Heir to the Dunes, Clank! In space, Wingspan. It really depends on what games I can get to the table and since I play a lot solo it makes selections a little more precise.


Take care all! Cheers!

54 days ago

I enjoy #Clank! In! Space!, but like most of my games, it doesn't get to the table often enough.  And #Wingspan is in the closet waiting to be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree!  (It'll probably go to my wife as she likes games to look really good, i.e. pretty, and I'm hoping GameNerdz gets some items on my wishlist in stock soon so they'll be under the tree for me.)

55 days ago

Welcome brother. What are some of your favourite games to solo? I'm more of a solo gamer these days myself. 

The community is smaller but I prefer it here to on Reddit as the people are nicer. There's too much gatekeeping and douchebaggery on Reddit for my taste.

55 days ago

Yeah I feel like it's the place to just lurk and not contribute. Been here about 2 days and already its a mich better community to interact with! You guys seem chill and cool!


My solo preferences change with whatever I'm playing it seems so right now its...


Spirit island

- just got the promo pack and jagged earth. Def a learning curve with the complexity of the promo pack spirits


Dungeon alliance

- I didn't like this when I first played it but now I love it. I have the adventure packs for it too bit haven't had to craxk them open since the puzzle of the base game is cool enough.


Omen: Heir  to the Dunes 

I love this game and some of the other omen games but they are hard to get to the able since they are dueling. Dunes has a solo variant that works surprisingly well. It does a great job making for a puzzle play which is mt preference when doing solo. I dont really need a ton of theme. Just good solid head scratching will do. Haha!

Premium User56 days ago

Happy to have you here! I absolutely LOVE the interaction on this site. The community is so friendly and great to chat with. I've been in the hobby about 1.5 years and can definitely feel you on the over buying thing lol. How many games do you have in your collection?

55 days ago

Probably.about 60. I have another 5 coming tomorrow that I'm super excited about. Space alert, andor, xcom, star realms frontier and dinosaur Island! How many games you have?

Premium User55 days ago

5 tomorrow?! Are these from Black Friday sales or some other occasion? Or maybe just a typical day for you haha

I'm right on the brink of 100 including expansions and stuff I haven't received from Kickstarter yet. Even with those excluded I'm still close. In fact I think I'd have 100 if I didn't just sell a game lol.

Of course with Christmas coming up and my birthday is next week, I'm sure I'll surpass 100 shortly. Then it will be a matter of trying to sell some I don't play as much. 

55 days ago

Haha! Yeah 5 in one day is a big haul for me. I actually got them cause of this site. I was looking for something that was action oriented and soloable and came across space alert for super cheap from noble knights which is in my home state and then just kept adding till my shipping was free. Haha! 


What are your preferences? 100 is a great collection! Did you get anything for black friday?

Premium User55 days ago

Ah yes the old I need free shipping excuse lol. I've been there. Though I don't think I've ever gotten 5 at once. At least just for myself anyway - I've gone in with some friends to get stuff for them and stuff for me to hit the thresholds.

100 is nice but I think it's the max I want to be at so culling at bit will have to happen and soon. I foresee an auction in my future 🤣

As far as preferences go, I posted about my top 25 a little while ago and then followed up with an updated top 10 after some new acquisitions. They surprisingly came out a lot more balanced than I thought they would be. A good mix of heavier stuff and lighter party games. I think my overall preferences would be towards mid weight engine building euros. Stuff like#Concordia or#Lorenzo il Magnifico are up there for me. My favorite so far is#Wingspan mostly because I know my fiancée enjoys it enough to play with me.

What about you?

55 days ago

I really need to make a top 10. That would be fun.


I almost tend to think more of what I'm playing now rather than what is my favorite although what I'm playing seems to be my favorite right now. Haha!


That said, probably Omen Heir to the Dunes since the solo variant does well to mimic another player while giving you choices that matter and a good puzzle. Sets up super quick and plays in about 20min while still being satisfying.


I'd also say for solo spirit island although it is hard for me to grasp some of the more complex spirits. Regardless  its the most brain burny game I have amd I love it for that.


Another would be dungeon alliance which has a good solo variant as well. I own mage knight but am scared to commit to it. However I get the sense that dungeon alliance is a mage knight lite. 


Wungsoan is great! My wife and I play it a bit and I enjoy the engine building amd she likes the relaxation of the game. Im use to games that are more dramatic and so that's a good break from it and sometimes I just want to get my rage on and have to settle for birds. Haha!


Have you tried parks? Its awesome and if your SO enjoys wingspan they may also enjoy that. Its worker placement but still chill.

Premium User55 days ago

Yeah I feel that with the recent games I've acquired surprisingly climbing up my list of favorites pretty quickly.#Spirit Island is currently my number 3 favorite game (behind Wingspan and Terraforming Mars). Haven't played nearly enough as I should - only explored maybe half of the spirits in the base game. 

And yes we do own Parks and it's definitely one my fiancée likes quite a bit. I think it's mainly the art that won her over. I'm thinking she'll like#Everdell for the same reasons but I haven't been able to pick it up yet. I tried linking to elsewhere in the forum -  they let you rank your games. You should check it out!

55 days ago

Yeah spirit island can be a tough one to get to the table because it is definitely a mental exercise. That makes it good and bad at the same time.


Everdell would be a good 9ne for you guys in my opinion. If she enjoys the look and feel of parks and you enjoy terraformig Mars this is the best of all worlds. I enjoy it a lot. Its super chill and fun to look at while having some strategy to it without being overwhelming.

What else do you all like to play as a couple?

Premium User55 days ago

That's actually a great question I've never really thought about before oddly enough. I'm thinking of the games I know I can always get her to play with me..the list is pretty short compared to the size of our collection

There's a few others, some of which I've already mentioned like#Concordia and#Wingspan. And she's always down to play stuff like#Taboo and#The Game of Scattergories. Though I think I convinced her#Monikers is better than Taboo. I think her favorite game to play is probably#Po-ke-no though

54 days ago

Happy early birthday, my friend!

Premium User54 days ago

Thanks buddy! Here's hoping mine goes at least as well as yours did! I know I've got at least one surprise coming my way as she mentioned she picked me up a game based only on some website telling her it was similar to other games I like. Though she can't remember what that other game was now (or so she says) so I have next to no idea what it could possibly be. Exciting times!

54 days ago

That could be really interesting!  Let us know what you get, and how your first play goes.

Premium User54 days ago

Agreed! And I definitely will do just that.

I think I asked for enough hints to be able to look it up and ruin the surprise but I'm not doing that. I only asked for info because she said she wasn't sure if I'd like it which was weird cause she found it as part of some article saying if you like (whatever) then you'll like "this." She said it seemed more family centered than I'm usually into, but the weight on BGG is about a 3. The confusion continues haha

56 days ago

Hey thanks for the warm welcome!

1. I found board game atlas while browsing through the r/boardgames forum on Reddit.

2. I have been in the hobby since late 2017

3. Tekhenu is my number 1 right now, followed by City of the Big Shoulders, and then oddle enough Innovation (mainly because of how quick and fun it is on Board Game Arena)

Supporter55 days ago

#Innovation is awesome. I think it is profoundly underrated.

Owner55 days ago

Great to have you here! Do you spend most of your time on r/boardgames? or BGG?

54 days ago

mostly on BGG, but i browse through r/boardgames occasionally

55 days ago

Interesting games to have as your favourites. I've never herad of #Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun before, what do you enjoy about it?

55 days ago

#Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun is a very tight game. You only have 16 turns in the game, so it is very important that you establish a way to optimize for the best scoring possible

Premium User56 days ago


Strangely I didn't find #Innovation all that fun when I played it on BGA. I was more so confused as to what I was doing lol. That being said I hadn't played in real life so maybe that has something to do with it. Either way it didn't stop me from asking for it for Christmas this year LOL

What's your favorite part about it?

55 days ago

I really just like how quick it plays on BGA. I really like BGA in general though haha

Premium User55 days ago

Gotcha. Yeah I think BGA is pretty neat too. Especially helpful to keep track of all your resources in some of the longer games they have. And of course because you don't necessarily need to know how to play like with some place like TTS or Tabletopia.

54 days ago

Hello there ^^

1. I have known about BGA from reddit for a while ago, just 1 or 2 weeks ago I got bored and checked it out and see all the giveaway so it pulled me in lol

2. I've been in 2 years and just join a local board game group in about 1 year. Really broaden my knowledge about board game and truly understand what's my taste

3. Favourite 3 would be #Cthulhu Wars #Root #War Chest with the honorable mention of #Hive Pocket . Really need to take those game to the table more though


Premium User50 days ago

Welcome again! I know I've been talking to you a bit on the forums already, but it's really great to have you here!

I wish I could get into War Chest more. Doesn't help my fiancée basically hates it at this point because that type of game isn't her thing. It's just so cool to look at!