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Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector's Edition by Bezier Games — Kickstarter


Are any of you here fans of Castles of Mad King Ludwig?

What are some games you own that you'd get a Collector's Edition for with zero hesitation?

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Supporter35 days ago

Haven't played it, but I'm sure that the gametrayz will sell the game if nothing else does.

Supporter35 days ago


#Star Wars: Rebellion. Already incredible but I'm sure they could crank that dial to 12/10. 

#Terraforming Mars or#Gaia Project would be awesome. TM especially. Imagine totally blinged out components, new art, etc. It would be amazing!

Owner35 days ago

I can't remember, but did you not like the look of the upgraded tiles on that Terraforming Mars Kickstarter a while back? It didn't look good to me honestly. As for the art, I do wonder what sort of audiences they could have pulled in if it weren't for that single blemish.

I..... still need to open up my box for Rebellion lol. I hope what's inside doesn't intimidate me 😆

Supporter34 days ago

The upgraded tiles were ok. Not really worth it.

The art in TM is charming, in an odd sort of way. You really don't notice it as much when you are actually playing. I think this falls under the "don't judge a game by its cover" category.

If they redid the art in a collector's edition it would need to be a top to bottom overhaul and there is a ton of art in the game. It'd be a massive undertaking. I imagine if someone like Ian O'Toole took it on it would be breathtaking. But that would cost a ton too. 

#Star Wars: Rebellion

There are a lot of different plastic miniatures. Some standees. Some dice. Lots of different sized cards. You'll be fine. 

36 days ago

Never played this one but it does seem fun. Games that I would insta-buy a collectors edition:

  • #Santorini - I'd love a nice set that I can leave out on a small table, like people do with nice chess sets. I love this game, and I'd love to just be able to play a quick game any time.
  • #Dune - this game doesn't need upgraded components, but a bigger board and troop tokens would make the experience just so much more satisfying. My group likes this enough that dropping some extra money for it would be a no-brainer for me.

20 days ago

That would be a really cool idea for #Santorini. Maybe a set out of wood?

20 days ago

I've looked online before to see if someone has already made one, haha. So far, no luck. I might have to custom order one at some point lol.

Owner35 days ago

Both sounds awesome! There were a few times in my life when I was tempted by lavish chess sets.

35 days ago

My parents bought a nice one on a family trip when we were kids, and my sister and I played it quite a bit! Definitely a cool decoration if you enjoy the game (and have the space to leave it out).

30 days ago

#Troyes, #The Quacks of Quedlinburg,#Agricola, and#Roll For The Galaxy would be for sure buys if they had collectors editions!

20 days ago

BIG chunky dice for #Roll For The Galaxy! Other component upgrades, like some storage inserts for the tiles or dice and I could be on board with that. We bought the GeekUp Bits for #The Quacks of Quedlinburg and if they did something like that with some really nice GameTrayz for all of the bits, that would be hard to pass up on.

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