Last 5, Top 5 (July 2020)


What were the last five games you played, and how would you rank them against each other? This is a conversation topic that @BenjaminK started long time ago and the last post we had on this was March! I'll post mine in the comments section because I'll need time to ponder on this :)

(Pictured are the last 5 games I've played)

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12 months ago

I have left off any game I played online, mostly because they just take so long to complete and it is a totally different experience. This was also very hard...I love all of these games and they fill a different part of my collection so I went based on what I would like to play this moment as my ranking!

1. Aeon's End - I am lumping both Legacy and War Eternal in on this one. I cannot get enough of this experience. I love the deck building, the progression and the team work, it is really great!

2. #The Estates - This game really hooked me. I love the uncertainty, I love how different people view the game state. I love how everyone (if prepped) is down with being a little mean...

3. #Welcome to... - Just so accessible and easy to play. It is a little tricky to pick up and teach for first time players that do not have a ton of game experience, but it is a delight. 

4. #Bus - Similar to The Estates, the game really hooked me, both games are simple and complex. I cannot wait to get another play of this in with my group, it will be much more competitive and cutthroat which I cannot wait for!

5. #Azul - This is a favorite of my wifes and it is really a relaxing experience but also a challenging little puzzle. Quick set up and tear down make this a winner. It is number 5 on this list just because I have played it so much!

Owner12 months ago

I love games like #The Estates. People mistake me for being just a meek guy but I really enjoy messing with others when it comes to games where that's the whole point lol. Great to see #Aeon's End up there. I'm sure I'd enjoy #Bus too so I'll probably check it out at some point after culling my wishlist :)

12 months ago

Oh totally, I love a game where the whole point is messing with people and everyone is ok with that!

Aeon's End has been a big time win, I know I say that a lot but I am thankful!

Bus is really neat, 4 players has been my best experience so maybe wait until you are comfortable playing with that many lol. 

Supporter12 months ago

Glad to see #The Estates on someone else's list. You've made me curious about #Bus now.

12 months ago

The Estates really is a blast! We had a guy that got shut out of all of the companies and he went for the "Mess with everyone" strategy. It was pretty great lol. 

I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Premium User12 months ago

Bus seems like a cool game. I'll have to keep an eye out and give that a try some day.

12 months ago

It really is worth a play, I think the most unique aspect of it is that you lose your workers once you have used them! You need to always be thinking through if it is worth using that extra worker!

12 months ago

Has it been that long? haha I've thought about starting a new one, but never actually got around to it. Thanks for getting it started! Here are mine:

1. #Clank!: The Mummy's Curse - Despite how good other games might be, I just love the adventure and STRESS of Clank! 

2. #Scythe - This was a solo play; first one with Scythe. I beat the Automa 72-67.

3. #Underwater Cities - Great game. Some say it's a #Terraforming Mars killer, but I think it's quite different enough that both are worth having. 

4. #Roll For The Galaxy - Played on my birthday yesterday. Wife beat me by 10.

5. #Click Clack Lumberjack - Played with the kids yesterday. Good, fast dexterity game.

Owner12 months ago

I can't wait to hear how you'll feel about #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated. I just hope things will clear up soon so that that becomes possible :) 

12 months ago

Me too! I just know it'll be a new favorite. I'm still tempted to play at just two players, with my wife. But we'll see :) 

Supporter12 months ago

Did you play with one Automa?

12 months ago

Yeah, just one, and it was the "Normal" one. Didn't want to start off too crazy. Next time I'll up the difficulty and then I'll probably start playing with more.

12 months ago

She did not let you win RFTG on your birthday??

12 months ago

Nope. She's heartless like that. haha

12 months ago

Lol, I would rather have that in a gaming partner than pity!

Premium User12 months ago

This is really tough for me, because 3 of them were some of my absolute favorite games, and 1 was a new game that may very well move into my list of favorites. I think instead of ranking the actual games against each other (since I don't think I could actually do that), I'll rank them how much I enjoyed each play of the games this particular time around.

  1. #Oceans - this may very well be my favorite game. It depends on the day.
  2. #Santorini - hadn't played this in a while, so I was really excited to get it to the table. I also got to try out the expansion, which I hadn't done yet.
  3. #Concordia (with Venus) - 2nd time playing with my wife, and she beat me! I always enjoy when that happens. This is the new game I mentioned above that might move into my favorites list. I really like it. I'm afraid it might be too bland for my usual group, but who knows.
  4. #Everdell - one of my faves - so many combos to be had! My wife smoked me.
  5. #King of New York - tried for the first time at 2 players. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure much more so at a higher player count (probably great at 5 or 6).

Owner12 months ago

If you had fun with King of New York even at 2p count, higher count's going to be a blast haha. I still have a great memory from playing #King of Tokyo for the first time.

I'm surprised to see #Everdell not ranking as high! Also happy to see #Concordia creeping up! I can now see what people mean when they talk about this game, the design is so well done that I can look over some of the details. I gotta say though, I like the overall aesthetic of the map and the colors they went with. I'm so looking forward to upgrading the components and the coins.

Premium User12 months ago

Oh make no mistake, Everdell is still in my top 5, but this time around it had the disadvantage of 1) not being new (Concordia) and 2) being played more recently than my other 2 favorites I played last week (Oceans and Santorini), so the excitement factor was down, haha.

Which coins are you planning to get? I was thinking of just getting the Viticulture coins and just use them for all games with coins. They still look like they'd fit in with Concordia anyway.

Owner12 months ago

It's not the official ones but I was thinking of buying these from Top Shelf Gamer. It's at $35 so it's pretty steep though. I do like Viticulture's design but I'm not sure if not having a denomination of 10 will matter. Hmmmmm now I'm not sure! lol

Premium User12 months ago

Yeah that was my only hesitation there too. But you could get these ones and use them for Viticulture (and others), and then you'd have the 10 value coins.

12 months ago

I remember someone giving me the idea of using foreign currency as coins in games, which can often be much cheaper than using specific gaming coins depending on exchange rates. Which I thought was a very inventive (if seemingly obvious) solution.

Premium User12 months ago

Huh that's a good idea. Where does one acquire foreign currency?

12 months ago

Ideally when visiting foreign countries, but tends to be readily available on Ebay and the like. I would recommend looking at Norwegian Krone (cool holes in the middle), South African rand (very tactile and covered in animals), Aruban Florin (one of the coins is Square) and Cook Island's dollars ((one is a triangle) the last two I think are harder to get (I certainly don't have them) but others are less so. I wonder if currency exchanges also hold some coins for exchanges so you could try there.

Supporter12 months ago

I enjoy these posts. I actually had to include a couple months of plays to have 5 different games as we've played this handful a bunch of times in that time period but no others. Most of my plays since the pandemic started have all been lighter family games due to only playing with the kids at home.

1. #Imhotep - I thought about bumping this down to #2 but I am trying to avoid cult of the new-to-me opinion bias as I think this one will probably outlast the others in my desire to play. Had it for a few years now and still enjoy it.

2. #The Estates - Really like this one so far. Got it a couple months ago.

#Cat Lady - The newest addition to our collection. My favorite cat is Cow. There's just something great about stuffing him full of as much food as possible for extra points. And with the Premium edition, having blanks cards and stickers to make  your own cats is just a nice addition.

4. #Cryptid - We've played this one the most. The kids enjoy it a bit more than I do but it is still a fun puzzle game.

5. #Tiny Epic Galaxies - Mainly brought this one back to the table a couple times to help me decide whether I wanted to back #Tiny Epic Pirates. Those plays confirmed that Galaxies is OKAY and that at least with the KS route, you pay a lot for the Tiny Epic gimmick. The deluxe version of Pirates & expansion with shipping would have been $48. And then if you wanted the add-ons (some of which would have been standard components in a regular game) you could have invested as much at $100....I cancelled my pledge in the final hour. You can a lot more game for that amount of money in other games I felt. But this is sort of off topic...

Owner12 months ago

Is Cow one of the available avatars? I added Cat Lady a while back hahaha

#The Estates is one that I would have so much more fun with if I had the right group. The opportunities to mess with your friends are sooo good in that one

Supporter12 months ago

Cow is one of the stray cats you can acquire but only 3 strays are available each game. So you don't always get a chance to see him. 

12 months ago

Here goes:

1) #The Defence of Procyon III - On TTS with 4P, this is one I have on coming kickstarter (the only thing I have ever backed) and is rapidly becoming one of my favourite games the more I play it. Highly asymmetric, has been a joy to see how the experience changes over the first few games: The first one, every played only knowing how their own faction worked (kind of) and so every cool thing your opponents, or even your teammate, did came as a complete surprise. As you start to learn the other factions you start to be able to try (to varying levels of success) preempt your opponent and coordinate better with your partner.

2) #Cry Havoc - on TTS with 3P - I adore how tense this game is from start to finish, every decision feels meaningful but because you can't plan for what your opponents might do, don't get too much AP. Plus the battles break up plans nicely so you are only planning at most 3 moves ahead. Also, love the way the battles are decided (through committing troops to different objectives and then switching them based on the cards you have up your sleeve)

3) #Flamme Rouge - 2P in person - recent acquisition, such a simple yet deep racing game (a genre I've tended not too enjoy as much), cannot wait to try it at higher counts and to play a longer 'tour' (multiple races back to back) with my partner who consistently outplays me.

4) #Catacombs 3rd Edition - 2P in person - new game (thank your BGA!) a whole lot of fun although discovered my partner is not so keen on dexterity games so may not be one we play a lot, but cannot wait to bring it to a table of 4 or 5 because I can see it creating a lot of laughs. Can imagine this one climbing higher up the rankings with more plays.

5) #Azul - 2P in person - First time playing for my partner, she loved (as do I) the tactility of the tiles. She is incredibly sneaky and really messed with my plans a whole lot. Came right done to the wire with victory being decided by just 2 points.

Owner12 months ago

Still going strong in TTS I see! I'd love to try #The Defence of Procyon III, asymmetry is my favorite and the fact that it's designed by David Turczi makes it very appealing.

Glad you're enjoying Catacombs :)

I've been meaning to get a flicking game for the family but still haven't decided which one!

12 months ago

Yeah, the lockdown has lifted somewhat, but not enough for groups to meet indoors and even if it did I think it's probably not wise to do so straight away. Much as I adore games, it is hard to view them as essential. So TTS is the option for now.

#The Defence of Procyon III feels very much like a labour of love, with him pushing what a game can try to be. I think you would really enjoy it, I am writing up some thoughts on it which I will post at some point. But if you have TTS, a group of friends up for something on the more complicated side and a good 3+ hours (I imagine it would be quicker on the table but TTS slow everything down) then I would absolutely recommend it. Would also be very happy to teach it, although time difference would probably make that tricksy.

Supporter12 months ago

Great question, and I've been getting some good gaming in so I actually have 5 to share.

1. #Root (who's surprised)

2. #Tuscany: Essential Edition

3. #Clans of Caledonia

4. #1775: Rebellion

5. #Dominion: Second Edition

I should note that I did not include teaching games with my daughter where we didn't use all the rules yet (notably #Tiny Epic Tactics)