BGA Feature #62 The Feed - A Brand New Way to Interact With The Site


You may or may not have noticed a new link in the top bar called "Feed". This is a new page for the website where we aggregate a list of all the comments, posts, and plays of the users of the site! It defaults to showing everyone's contributions BUT the exciting part of the feature is that if you follow other users, you can filter it to only show the activity of those users!

This feature will have some additional things getting added to it this week like

  • Convenient way to follow more users
  • A comment/like system for play logs
  • A view for individual user feeds that will be a part of the profile

Potential other areas to grow it are to show user reviews and when games get added to lists so that you can further engage with the people you follow on the site.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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6 months ago

I did notice, because it's where the "Forum" dropdown previously was, haha. I'll play around with it. I like the idea though! One quick note, from a UI standpoint, is that the toggle between "All Users" and "Users You Follow" should probably be a radio button rather than checkboxes, since checkboxes are typically used to imply multiple selections are allowed.

Supporter6 months ago

Good suggestion! I've just updated it.

6 months ago


Supporter6 months ago

That is cool. I'll need to mess with it. 

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