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Have you ever opened a game ready to play and then decided to put it back?


Well that happened with me just yesterday. After learning how to play #Sorcerer City by watching a video, I got it out and wanted to take it for a spin before I head home from work. But then I realized the ~300 tiles came completely out of order (not sure if this was a prototype copy?) and had to be separated into 14 different types. So I just spent some time getting them organized and hoped to give it another go today haha

I also experienced something similar with #Tapestry the other day, where I took it out on Saturday during my son's nap time. Fully expected to get a play in but realized that the solo mode rules take quite a bit of time to read and digest. Had to put it away and give it another go on Sunday.

Have you experienced this before? What was the reason? (long setup, overwhelming or unclear rulebook, lack of motivation, etc)

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Premium User6 months ago

I got out #Clans of Caledonia the other day hoping to play with Becky and we never got around to it and the next morning I put it all away as I didn't feel like playing solo that day.  I think that happened with #Scythe one time as well when a game night was scheduled and several folks had to bail (maybe a little different than what you're saying). 

6 months ago

I came close to this once. I had #Dinosaur Island all set up. My friend who was going to play was delayed at work and was going cancel. We instead decided to start very late and played into the early morning. It was a fun night but the next day was rough. If this happens again I'm probably just going to pack everything back up.

6 months ago

I had almost immediate regret one time, when a friend came over and I pulled out #Great Western Trail to play, in my head it was quite a straightforward game, but I hadn't recalibrated for my friends relative inexperience and about 10 minutes into set-up/explanation I realised what I had gotten them into. We ended up playing it anyway and it went okay but I definitely should have picked something lighter. Also the ruleBook for GWT is pretty rubbish for reference purposes which can slow down rules questions a lot.

6 months ago

As far as rules go, I almost always read the rules and watch a playthrough before even purchasing/playing a game. So I have not experienced that. 

For set up, I also try and open and punch and organize a game prior to a potential session. Sorting 300+ tiles though would be an odd shock...

6 months ago

Haha, this is one reason I make a point to pull out the rules and read those first before I try anything else. Usually when I get a new game, I'll open it up, play with the components, sometimes reorganize, then just pull out the rules and read them in bed before going to sleep so I can have a decent grasp of it when it comes time to actually play. Of course, some games' rulebooks are better than others, so sometimes reading rules without actually setting up the game is not very fruitful.

Owner6 months ago

When I started reading your comment, I was beginning to think you were doing this with the rulebook at nighttime xD

6 months ago

Hahaha, sometimes it feels like that

Owner6 months ago

I've done that a LOT actually. It's happened 4 times with #Scythe over the last few months and then even just Sunday I opened up #Terror Below set it up, and then put it away before learning all the rules.

6 months ago

That’s the worst! Or take it out and realize you forgot how to play and relearning the rules would take to long...

Owner6 months ago

That's one reason why I feel like I would never really get into the super heavy games. And also why I love games that keep you off of the rulebook by having clear instructions on the cards and other components themselves.

6 months ago

Yeah definitely... it’s annoying needing to know super fine detailed rules... I’ll make the exception for some games but generally speaking I like simplicity in rules

Supporter6 months ago