The Complete History of Board Games - 5000BC to Today!

Hi All,

I've just published an article about the complete history of board games! You can find it here.

Warning: It's a long read!

Would love to hear any feedback - it was super fun to research.

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12 months ago

Welp, definitely adding this to my read later list. Thanks!

12 months ago

Would love to know your thoughts / feedback :).

12 months ago

I haven't finished it yet but I do have some thoughts. The content is very interesting, but the writing is in need of some basic editing.

For example, there are multiple instances of periods used where there be commas instead.

"As board games grew increasingly popular amongst Egyptian royalty and the upper class. It wasn’t long until the working class started to adopt board games of their own."

That shouldn't be a comma in the middle, not a period.

Here's an example of a comma where there should be none: "NOTE: Moving forward in time, the six-sided dice, as we know them today were invented by the Romans in 200bc and were initially used for gambling!"

Should be: "NOTE: Moving forward in time, the six-sided dice as we know them today were invented by the Romans in 200bc and were initially used for gambling!"

Spelling mistake here: Mehen was believed to be a protective god who takes the shaper of a snake that coils around...

"2650BC – The Royal Game of Ur – Humanities Longest Running Board Game"

should say "2650BC – The Royal Game of Ur – Humanity's Longest Running Board Game"

Just a few things I noticed. I hope you don't take this as mean, I'm just trying to help! Keep writing, as this stuff definitely it's interesting!

12 months ago

Hi theDL,

Thanks so much for the feedback. It's constructive criticism and advice like this that helps me to improve my articles and my writing (I am not the best writer, but I do enjoy it). I do use the grammarly app to try and pick up most of these errors, but there always seems to be a few sneaky ones that get through and published.

You have inspired me to go through the entire article again and proof read for these silly types of errors.

I don't take what you've said as mean. In fact I take it as a compliment, you've actually taken time to read the article and come back to tell me ways to improve. You are awesome my man! Thanks!

12 months ago

Great, well I'm glad to be of some help.

Supporter12 months ago

Interesting article. Do you enjoy researching long form articles like this? 

12 months ago

I do if it's something that interests me!

Supporter12 months ago

Good. It was interesting. 

Supporter12 months ago

I haven’t read the whole thing yet but articles in this vein are some of my favorite to read. Great work!

12 months ago

I'm happy you liked it :).

Supporter12 months ago

Finished the article! Thanks for sharing and excellent work. 

12 months ago

Thanks Skurvy, I'm happy you liked it!