Dinosaur 1944: A New Kickstarter from Petersen Games

It's 1944 in the Pacific. Gather up your courage, because you're about to fight... dinosaurs.

Dinosaur 1944 is a cooperative game of saving the world. You'll need to maneuver around the map and battle, and you'll also need to set up ambushes to help take out or slow down the enemy. Press on and defeat the final dinosaur boss to win the game. 

You can get a copy of Dinosaur 1944 with Secret Marine Heroes for $79. You can add-on these fantastic T-Rex skull tokens to replace the currency tokens for $12.99.

Sandy Petersen fans take note: there's also a special pledge level for a History, Prehistory, and Gaming Vacation with Sandy. Visit the Maryland Tank Museum and the Smithsonian, plus play new and unpublished games in the hotel with Sandy. 

Check out the campaign before it ends on June 26th, 2020.

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About Dinosaur 1944

Dinosaur 1944 is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. Each of the heroes has strengths and weaknesses. Players must work together against the increasing tide of foes, and defeat the final dinosaur boss to win the game.

The game has great minis in 28mm scale. Sandy's life-long interest in Paleontology means the dinosaurs were scaled per paleontological reference.

The soldiers have a wide variety of poses:

and the dinosaurs have amazing detail:

The map tiles are an impressive 8 x 8 inches:

The game also comes with over 20 custom dice, 150 tokens, 130 cards, a mapbook, and more.

More on Kickstarter

There are great stretch goals waiting to be unlocked, videos to watch, and details about that vacation with Sandy, so be sure to check out the campaign before June 26th, 2020.

See the Kickstarter!

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46 days ago

Holding off buying anything for a while, but the minis look gorgeous. Potentially one of my group will pick this up and I can battle some dinos in a year or so!

Supporter48 days ago

This looks really fun! 

Supporter48 days ago

The minis look great

Supporter47 days ago

There’s also some stretch goal for a gaming day and museum tour in Maryland with Sandy Peterson! That’s in my backyard.... hmmmm maybe I’ll have to take a closer looked at this one. 

Supporter47 days ago

I know! I’m not a painter but these look to be great quality for painters. 

2 days ago

Mmmmm so many board games, but only a couple of bucks to spare :(

49 days ago

Intriguing concept.  I can't find a playthrough. I like the co-op idea with dinosaurs.  Can't tell if I'd play this game much or not. For $101 I'd need a lot more info to back this one even with an interesting theme.

48 days ago

The game is a revamped and updated version of #Orcs Must Die! The Board Game. I haven't played that either though so I can't speak on it. But I have read through the rule book and it looks quite interesting as far as gameplay goes!

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