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Collection Extremes.


Sometimes I like to look at my collection on BGG, and see some of the different extremes represented in my collection, heaviest/lightest, rarest/most common..... I thought I would share that here, and  you can share whatever information you want to.

I should explain, my collection on BGG is a little bit different than my collection here on BGA. On BGG I have games that I had before I was a hobby gamer, or games that my wife brought into our marriage. On BGA I have only those games which I have acquired since I fell down the rabbit hole.

Also, I don't have many expansions, but I do have some. These numbers do not reflect any expansions. 


My heaviest game that I actually have is #1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties at a 4.52. If you count kickstarters, my #High Frontier 4 All comes in at a 4.7.

My lightest game is.....Farkle, it comes in at a solid 1.00. LOL


My highest average rated game on BGG in terms of what I actually own, is #Gaia Project with a 8.49. If you count incoming kickstarters... we see, once again, #High Frontier 4 All with a 9.04.

My lowest is, #Parchisi with a 4.49.


My most common game, I determine this by looking at the number of ratings on BGG, is #Carcassonne with 98,410 ratings.

My least common game, that actually has ratings, is #Farkle with 59 ratings. I also have a some games that I have kickstarted with fewer ratings.


My highest ranked game is #Gaia Project at number 7. 

My lowest is #Sorry! at 19,771.


I have 26 games that come in between 1 and 2 on the bgg weight rating.

11 games between a 2 and a 3.

9 between a 3 and a 4

8 between a 4 and a 5.


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2 months ago

ah yes, I too have games.

that's as far as I'll bother with it lol

Supporter2 months ago

I have games in my collection. Some are light. Some aren't. I can't figure out an easy way to sort BGG by weight. 

My highest rated game is#Gloomhaven at #1.  

2 months ago

neither can I, I hasve no idea what it means. Its complexity?

Supporter2 months ago

Exactly. A "heavy" game is typically very complex while a lighter Game is the opposite. 

2 months ago

oh okay

Supporter2 months ago

It's where Heavy Cardboard gets its name. It's a channel dedicated to mostly heavy games. 

2 months ago

makes sense

Premium User2 months ago

HAHA this is exactly how I felt when I read this. "Some are light. Some aren't." 

Supporter2 months ago

Lol. I was trying to be very helpful. 

Premium User2 months ago

You were very helpful just in your own way haha

Supporter2 months ago

I aim to please!

Supporter2 months ago

You can go to you profile on BGG, and from there you can hit your owned games. It will show you a wall of games. On the top left there will be three buttons "filters, " "columns," and "views."

Hit the "columns" button. That will allow you to choose what information you want shown. Toggle on the "average weight" and that should show the weight of your games. Then, in your collection view, you can click on the "average weight" column to arrange it in order from heaviest to lightest. 

Supporter2 months ago

That assumes that I have all my collection in BGG. 

Supporter2 months ago

How perceptive. Yes, it very much does assume that......LOL

Premium User2 months ago

Very helpful note! I'll check mine out in a minute

Owner2 months ago

I'm late to the party but here's mine. And yes, I actually bothered to look them up but took out some of the ones that would take way too much time to figure out haha:

Supporter2 months ago

Have you ever had a chance to play Brass with your wife? if so, how did she like it?

Owner2 months ago

No chance yet. And it's not at the top of the list of games I want to get in with her either, so it'll probably be a while!

Supporter2 months ago

So many games. So little time. 

2 months ago

The heaviest game I have is definitely #Dune, probably followed by #Underwater Cities. The lightest game would be one of the party games... Maybe #Wavelength?

The highest ranked game I have according to BGA is #Wingspan at #4, and the highest according to BGG is #7 Wonders Duel at #16.

Premium User2 months ago

What do they list the weigh of Dune at? Since I agreed to play I might as well know what I'm in for haha

2 months ago

Like a 3.9

Premium User2 months ago

Oh that's not bad at all. Right in my wheelhouse.

Supporter2 months ago

I don't use BGG at all even though I do have some games listed in there.  Weights are hard in my opinion becuase #Clans of Caledonia and #Scythe are both weighted quite heavily even though I think they are relatively easy to learn.  So the question always comes up, is it strategy or rules or a combo of both that make a game weighty?

Premium User2 months ago

I think for most it would be the strategy. Though I will say in games like #The Gallerist it's definitely the rules overhead for me.

Premium User2 months ago

Huh this is an interesting idea. I don't think I have the patience to map it all out with my own collection, but I'd be curious as to how my collection would stack up. That's a lot of lighter games than I would expect for you. Do you keep them to play with other people for the most part?

Premium User2 months ago

Okay I listened to your instructions so here goes:

Heaviest game unsurprisingly is #The Gallerist at 4.29

Lightest is #PUSH at 1.00


Highest rated average is #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion at 9.01

Lowest is shockingly (lol) #Monopoly at 4.37


My most common game is also #Carcassonne at 98,410 total rankings

Least common is #Lions of Lydia with 20, but that hasn't fulfilled on KS yet, so the next lowest (non-expansion too) is #Rap Godz at 90 total rankings


I don't rate my own games so that's not going to get anything there


And finally only because you did it ;)

A whopping 49 weighted between 1 and 2

23 between 2 and 3

12 between 3 and 4

2 between 4 and 5

And 1 un-weighted #Tiny Towns: FLGS and Larkstone Promo Cards


This is actually really interesting as I didn't know I had so much between 1 and 2. Makes me want to do the same for my wishlist to make sure my head won't explode with some of these heavier offerings I want haha

Supporter2 months ago

Most of those lighter games are mass market ish games or party that my wife had before we married. We still play them occasionally, but mostly they take up space. There are just a few that I have "for me." 

Premium User2 months ago

Gotcha. Can't really say anything since I have more than half my collection between a weight of 1 and 2