Is this world saving, disease fighting, epidemic fearing, game worth the all hype?

In Pandemic, you and your fellow medical professionals have just been alerted that not 1, not 2, but 4 deadly diseases are spreading across the globe. Will you have what it takes for humanity to live...

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21 months ago

Yes!  Pandemic is a great game!  I haven't tried the legacy version, but the original is fun.

21 months ago

Legacy is fun! But I recommend if you go for it finding a group who will play it once every couple weeks or so. It took us about a year and a half or so to finish it and with lots of space between games we kind of lost the storyline. :/

Supporter21 months ago

This was one of my first gateway games and we still love it today! 

21 months ago


Moderator Level 121 months ago

This is a real classic. But I would probably go with one of the forbidden games for a beginner. 

21 months ago

Sure! This one takes a bit more setup than most games! I will say, though, that on multiple occasions I've taught this to beginners and had them asking to play a second time after we lost the first time.

Pro tip - ALWAYS lose the first time when playing with beginners!

Moderator Level 121 months ago

I can say amen to your advice. 

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