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Owner23 months ago

It's been chaotic past 3-4 weeks because it was back-to-back weeks of my wife and I first moving to a bigger place, then my parents moving in with us, and then holding a pretty big 1st birthday party for our son (1st birthdays are a big deal in Korean tradition). Anyway, now that things are settling down and with my parents living with us and helping out with our son, I wanted to ask for recommendations for games I could play with them.

  • Little to no text - my parents' English isn't the best so either zero text or having some text involved for their English to improve.
  • Light-medium weight - their past experience with board games is Monopoly, Go, and Chess, while their only exposure to modern games was Sushi Go!, which we enjoyed a lot. I would like to expand their horizons a bit and introduce them to more complex games. I have Azul and Santorini, which I think will be the perfect games to start out with them more in the lightweight group, but I need to find something a bit more complex.
  • Ideally under an hour of gameplay for now and easy to setup/doesn't take up too much space since our table isn't very big. I have Viticulture: Essential Edition but the amount of rules and the 1.5+ hours of gameplay makes me hesitant.