What did you play this week? (9/13/2021)

(9/13/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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6 days ago

After having to buy #Camel Up (Second Edition) for my sister twice (the first time was missing parts and the manufacturer never responded to our messages) we finally got to play.  I had hoped to break out my new copy of #Underwater Cities that night (thanks !) but as they predicted we didn't have enough time to play it.  (They actually said that before they knew anything about that.  I just said "I got a new game!" and they both thought that we probably aren't going to have time for it *sighs*)

PS I keep posting these in not the right week haha.  I just put in whatever thread is on top and then later realize that that one was for a month ago. 

Premium User5 days ago

I expect the conversation went kind of like this:

"I got a new game!"

"Games you like take too long, pass."

4 days ago

Sadly that is probably very close to true

Premium User6 days ago

Haha, it is interesting that the older threads always show up at the top of "Hot'

Hope you get to play UC soon!

Partner7 days ago

First in! (First time ever!)

Great week of gaming, lots of online and in person mixed in. Here are my highlights:

#Merchants Cove -- played this threee times in three days! It is an asymmetrical euro game about merchants delivering goods to adventurers. For some reason, this is weirdly more thematic than you would think. I guess it is the fact that each character really plays differently. I played the Dragon Rancher (mancala), Blacksmith (dice manipulation), and Oracle (randowriter) characters -- I think my favorite was the Blacksmith, but the Oracle is close!

#PARKS -- this is my second time playing, and even though the theme is right up my alley (my wife and I love to hike, and love the national parks) and the mechanisms should be perfect for me.....for some reason this game just leaves me cold. I was honestly bored in the back half of the game. No need to play this again.

#Nidavellir: Thingvellir -- yep, more plays of Nidavellir, more plays of the expansion. This game is so good, I'm having to redo my top games of 2020 list!

#Solar Sphere -- played a couple of 2p and 3p games of Solar Sphere. This game is right in my wheelhouse. It is short but feels meaty, in a tiny box with cool components. It's a resource management game but with dice placement.  It might be a little pricey on the Kickstarter, but the developer assures me that there will be a ton of stuff in the final project. We have a video of our play through if you want to check it out: https://youtu.be/MSDrED6xs7w -- not a paid preview or anything, but we are friends with the developer and were happy to check this out on the livestream. 


That's a great mix of games! 

Premium User5 days ago

Just found out about #Solar Sphere today and it looks like something I could like. Going to check out your video!

Premium User7 days ago

Oh I liked the look of the Solar Sphere KS, I'll have to check out your video!

Moderator Level 13 days ago

another sad week of no games 😢

6 days ago

Had a familiy reunion and played lots of games.

#Marvel Champions: The Card Game - my first time playing. We played at least 6 times. I played as Quicksilver, Venom and Hulk. Played against Rhino, Klaw and Ultron. Found out we'd been playing a rule wrong that was making the game much more difficult than it should've been. This game was more fun than I expected, but I've learned I love dual purpose cards and the decisions that creates.

#The Quacks of Quedlinburg - always fun to play, played 2 times. Solidified I will never play without the #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion.

#Boggle - this is a family classic, word nerds. I got crushed.

#Deception: Murder in Hong Kong - played twice. This one works well for family gatherings since the player count is so high, but we still only played with 8 people both times.

#Marvel United - played my Walmart clearance copy and it was more fun, and more difficult, than my brother in law and I expected. Will be playing this again soon.

Moderator Level 13 days ago

I've had the same experience with Marvel Champions- one rule misunderstood and it was difficult.

I agree with you abouth Quacks and the Herb Witches.

For some reason, and I'll never know, my parents always gave me the non-electronic games when I was a kid.  Boggle was one of them.  I loved it!

Premium User7 days ago

Only 3 plays last week for me...

#Terraforming Mars - I tried to get Sarah to play a game from our 10x5 challenge and she just wasn't having it. I suggested this or #The Castles of Burgundy instead and she said "why not both?" I was in absolute shock. Sadly, we didn't get a chance to play CoB afterwards. But we did teach my brother Terraforming Mars with the #Terraforming Mars: Prelude expansion and Hellas map. If I'm not mistaken, I think this was my first time playing with 3. It didn't speed things up as much as I thought, but a lot of that I think can be attributed to getting used to the new map. One of my favorite games and I don't see that changing anytime soon!

#Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms - I backed this on Kickstarter and it actually arrived probably about a month ago. I started a game 3 weeks ago and finally got some time to pull it back out and finish it last week. It was actually quite fun..which is not to say I didn't expect it to be fun, but as my first experience with solo war gaming, I didn't really know what to expect. I'm not entirely sure if I would ever want to play it completely on my own again as it does take a long time (probably about an hour and a half total) and I think it would be nice to share the experience with someone else as a co-op game. If anyone is interested in hearing more long-form thoughts on this game, I can post a review once I play it once or twice more.

#Underwater Cities - The 10x5 challenge isn't going anywhere and we only had played this once in the 5 months since we started. Sarah won a nail biter of a game. The amount of table bumping happening made me long for the day I can release my copy of #Underwater Cities: New Discoveries from GameNerdz.

Premium User7 days ago

Another good week including finally getting a very flavourful favourite of mine to the table multiplayer!:'

  • #Kingdom Builder x3 (Board game arena): Definitely enjoy this one on BGA.  Had some good games and some bad games.  Luck is definitely a big factor and you can get locked out earrly but the game is quick so if that happens it's at least over fast.  (Playing online works well for me and this game too.)
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game x2 (TTS): Playing through the guardians campaign.  My Rocket Aggression deck got tweaked a bit but it's been decently steady.  One player had an ant-man leadership deck and another venom justice deck.  Things were dicey at points and in the last game we really didn't think we were going to do it but we managed to beat both collector missions without losing!  
  • #7 Wonders (board game arena): Decent game to play on board game arena but it's lost it's charm a bit.  Like most games, it's better in person.  Table talk is some of the fun here.
  • #Paris Connection (board game arena):  Second time playing this game and it's pretty bland.  I won't be playing it again.  Just not much to it and the decision space is pretty limited as well.  Many other games I'd rather spend the time on.
  • #Zona: The Secret of Chernobyl (In person!): I've had this game on my shelf and played it solo a few times.  Did a review of it here: Zona: The Secret of Chernobyl A Story Review | Board Game Atlas  I LOVE this genre/style.  Played the stalker video games a ton over the years (and the zone still calls to me now and then and I go for another run in the anomaly mod)  This was the first time playing it multiiplayer and I quite enjoyed it!  Now, I know a lot of this is because I love the genre.  Generally speaking it is a good take on the arkham horror style game play.  You play the game to have the adventure because luck is a factor that will be part of your characters story in the zone.  I think the group had a good time despite that and the smuggler managed to work his way to the sarcophagus just ahead of the rest of us and achieved a messy but glorious end to the adventure.

Good week!

Moderator Level 13 days ago

I'd say a great week! I like Kingdom builder but haven't played it yet online.

I also miss the table talk when playing online.  I haven't yet tried playing real-time with the audio, but seeing other people while playing is a big part of the charm for me.

Premium User3 days ago

In person is definitely better.  There are some small advantages around setup, cleanup, and having tooltips for cards etc is pretty nice. But it doesn't make up for in person.

My group does audio when playing real time together online.  It would be pretty pointless otherwise.

Premium User7 days ago

  • #Sushi Roll @ 2p - quick game with my wife. Fun quick drafting game. At 2 players, I prefer the dice version over the card game.
  • #Kingdom Builder @ 4p on BoardGameArena (with and ). TK crushed us as usual, haha. This is a fun game! It was my first time playing - I got some of the rules wrong but I still enjoyed it.
  • #Spirit Island 2x @ 2p - had a friend over who's been dying to try this one out. We lost our first game (he played as Lightning's Swift Strike and I played as Shadows Flicker Like Flame), but we won our second game - my first time winning ever! In that one I switched to River Surges in Sunlight, which made for a more effective pairing. In our first game we were generating tons of fear, but I wasn't able to do much damage to the invaders. In our second game we were a bit more balanced.
  • #Dune @ 6p - we played to 8 rounds and the game timed out - no one had the required amount of strongholds. The Spacing Guild was not in the game, so the Fremen (and their ally) took the default victory. Kind of an underwhelming ending, but a fun game! I played as the Ixians for the 2nd time in a row. They are fun but I don't know if they're my favorite.

Premium User7 days ago

Between and, I don't think I'll ever come close in#Kingdom Builder!

6 days ago

Have we ever played Kingdom Builder with Bob? 

Premium User6 days ago

Yes of course! If you didn't beat me, he totally was lol. I think won a game we played too. I've been terrible the whole time lol

5 days ago

Thanks for the shout out!

Premium User7 days ago

Well maybe we can start our own game where we have a chance lol

Premium User7 days ago

I'm down!

Moderator Level 13 days ago

I'm sure you and  will knock my socks off with that one, too.  Although I'm surprising myself with not 'losing big' at #The Castles of Burgundy online right now. 😃

Premium User7 days ago

Kingdom builder is fun.  Even though you missed a couple of advantageous rules you still kept up with us.  TK was definitely crusin' during the game.  


Premium User7 days ago

Yeah I felt like I was making decent plays (for my first game at least), just forgot to use those bonus tiles lol. Looking forward to the next game!