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Two-Headed Monster | SPACE-BIFF!

I've been watching this game for a little bit, and now, my favorite reviewer has reviewed it. It is definitely not for me. But I wish it were. 

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Supporter10 months ago

Sounds incredibly interesting but sadly flawed. 

Supporter10 months ago

I think they the interestingness of it might outweigh the flaws for a some people. I would be very interested  in it if I had a game group of six or more. 

Supporter10 months ago

You’d need the right group. And 6 is hard to get. 

Supporter10 months ago

Very true, and for those reasons + it's problems I don't think it will ever be hugely popular. But I love the vision. And, I love that you can play a "real game" with a large group of you so desire. You don't have to go to party games or roll and writes. I hope that this is one of the waves of the future.

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