What did you play this week? (5/23/2022)

(5/23/2022) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Moderator Level 131 days ago

#KLASK - Sarah suprisingly asked to play this last week. We did our typical best 2 out of 3 and in usual fashion, she beat me overall. We were a little rusty but it's still a great game.

#Healthy Heart Hospital - this starts this weeks theme of games I played solo or two-handed just to get them marked as "played" and off my shelf of shame lol. I feel like I'm falling behind in my contest because, long story short, I buy a lot of games (surprise suprise). As for the game itself, it was actually really fun! I played with the standard rules aka as they are written and didn't increase or decrease the difficulty for myself. It's super random which may bother me after a few more plays but so far so good.

#Fantasy Realms - I'm just now realizing I convinced Sarah to play 3 games with me last week. Guess it helped that she really likes two of them, this being one of them. We played for the second time with the 2 player variant listed in the rule book. In my opinion, playing that way isn't terrible - feels like you have a lot more control over say a 4, 5, or 6 player game. Still think I'd prefer it at 3 or 4.

#Décorum - I picked this one up this month after my friend sent me a TikTok about it. Honestly when he first sent it, I thought it sounded incredibly lame. Then a couple from my group mentioned getting a chance to play it and they really sold me on the theme. I wasn't planning on having Sarah play this as one of her 3 new to her games this month, but the recent BGG GameNight playthrough changed my mind. We played through the first 3 two player scenarios: The first one we struggled a bit. The second I had her pretty well figured out and I totally flubbed a condition that I had. That of course meant we had to play a 3rd which resulted in our best score by far. Can't wait to play this more.

#Llamaland - as promised, another game I played by myself last week. This one two handed as there is no solo mode. Pretty simple game from a rules standpoint, but I could see it getting really difficult when trying to line everything up perfectly to get what you want before other players beat you to it. I don't know if it will get more traction than #Barenpark, but I did enjoy playing.

#Kabuto Sumo - swayed by the currently running Kickstarter and my mild interest in the game prior to it running, I picked up this and #Bites from Amazon. I've been so on the fence with this because the theme and premise always sound cool, but the gameplay feels so meh. I played 2 handed all I'm going to say is my meh feelings outweighed my excitement for it. I'll hold onto it until at least the KS for the expansion delivers (spolier alert: I backed it for the other stuff anyway lol) to see if that changes the gameplay enough. Of course, playing against an actual human may help things too.

#The Castles of Burgundy - and I played another game of this on BGA which wrapped up last week. A very close game that ended up taking by a point. Love this game so much.

Moderator Level 116 days ago

I recently played #Kabuto Sumo with three other people. One loves playing it with his fiance, and played it with his parents and me. It was quick at first (two against two), but within five minutes one of us was out and then it went to a free-for-all to extend the game play. 30 minutes later I won.  Interesting and looks cool, but not one I think my family would want to play as much as my friend thinks they'd like it.

Moderator Level 116 days ago

Yeah I could see it getting old pretty fast. I just wanted to pick it up ahead of the new Kickstarter for the expansion because I think the extra items it adds look cool and might make it more interesting.

Moderator Level 115 days ago

Enjoy it!

Premium User31 days ago

That was a close game!  I got a great start and barely managed to hang on.  

31 days ago

Tonight, my fist game of #Terraforming Mars.  Plenty has been written about this game, so I doubt there's much I can add. The huge amount of different cards is certainly a distinguishing feature, and there's more 'take that' than you'd expect for a medium-heavy euro. Mechanically it's reasonably straightforward, but very difficult to make good moves until you start seeing a range of cards / understand the value of money / resources. Consequently it was only about 1/3 of the way in that I started to formulate an 'engine'. C'est la vie, first games are primarily about learning how the game plays and whether you'd want to play again (the view on the latter is: not rushing for a 2nd game, but might well give it another go.

Finished with a little #Just One, not scoring again - we have enjoyed it as a calm social 'chilldown' game.


Moderator Level 132 days ago

Only 3 games played in person, but good ones!

  • #Wonderland's War @ 4p - played with my game group. This surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. I think I saw how much was happening visually and sort of assumed it was going to be a flashy Kickstarter without much substance, but I enjoyed it a lot. It probably helps that I won, but the push-your-luck gameplay is a lot of fun. I couldn't say whether or not it would stand up to repeated plays, or if it would get old after the 3rd or 4th game, but I'd definitely play this one again. I played as the Queen of Hearts.
  • #PARKS @ 4p - went to our friends' place and all played this together for the first time. It's fun! There's not a ton of deep strategy there, but some light player interaction and clever mechanisms made this enjoyable. The theme could have been anything, but the art and components really take the game up to another level. It's just nice to interact with on the table.
  • #Glen More II: Chronicles @ 2p - I recently picked this up with a gift card, and my wife and I played it on Saturday evening. We really liked it! I personally can't wait to play again. My wife definitely liked it, but I think it remains to be seen whether it will become one of her favorites.

32 days ago

okay week for me.

  • #The Prodigals Club - at 4 player.  Played all the sections.  I ended up winning on tie breaker and we ended after 4 rounds instead of the planned 5.  Really would like to play this again Such a fun theme
  • #Concordia Solitaria on the #Concordia: Gallia & Corsica Expansion Corsica map X 2.  Got crushed the first time on the medium difficulty and lost in a much closer 2nd game.  Had I managed to grab the weaver card I would have won (lost it on a dice roll of a 5 which was the only number I was worried about)
  • #Canvas w/ #Canvas: Reflections - Youngest wanted to play Sunday night so we got 2 plays in.  He lost both in scoring but he wasn't trying to win via score he wanted to create the better pictures (as judged by wife) and he lost both of those as well :)

Moderator Level 128 days ago

How do you like the Concordia solo mode so far?

28 days ago

I really like the solo mode.  Its pretty simple to run and feels like a live player.  The medim difficulty has beaten me the last 2 times I've played.  Its allowed me to get one of my favorite games to the table 3 times in the past 45 days or so.  Set up time isn't much more than the base game set up time.  Overall a solid expansion and mode.

Moderator Level 124 days ago

Awesome! I recently sold Concordia, as my wife didn't have much interest in playing it, and it's quite a big box to keep around for occasional solo play since I don't often solo game. But if I ever get into it more seriously, I could see myself picking it up again.

Moderator Level 131 days ago

How much does #Canvas: Reflections add to the base game?  

31 days ago

it adds double sided art cards which are nice, more scoring options, a new board that holds 2x the amount of art pieces (putting an inspiration token on each card in the column to advance to the next spot) I think it adds Gold tokens (but i'm not sure) I got both games together from their last kickstarter since missed it the first time around.  I've only ever played with the Reflections expansion

Moderator Level 131 days ago

Those sound like nice additions to the game. Intriguing.

27 days ago

#Dice Hospital played this after receiving it in a trade, always loved the idea of building a hospital and trying to heal the patients.

#Chronicles of Crime this is a really great cool game and is very fun with the app and is surprisingly difficult, highly recommend!


Moderator Level 116 days ago

What did you think of Dice Hospital?  I played it at Dice Tower West in March with Mik and Starla from Our Family Plays Games and really enjoyed it.  I just ordered it (hard to find in stock for a while).  Do you have other dice placement games you enjoy?

30 days ago

4 more last night:

Moderator Level 131 days ago

#Ark Nova - got another play in on Sunday with the friend.  We used the advanced mats and he used his map ability throughout the game while I failed to exploit mine at all.  The score differential was vast!  Becky and I are going to run another game soon and she will use the same map my friend did and I will use the beginner map and we will see how that goes.

#Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun - I managed to get a solo play recorded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr60pXaRFTQ&t=16s and really enjoyed this T game.  I am currently ranking it second among all the T games just behind #Teotihuacan: City of Gods. I love the 16 turn balance and the crunchy choices.


#Lost Ruins of Arnak - I'm playing several games of this at the moment in hopes of getting better.  I feel like I should be better at this game than I am.  First two games I finished in last place among four players.  I'm looking to get into the 60-70 score range at least.

#Gaia Project - I am not a huge fan of this game but I am also terrible at it.  A friend got it to my game table so I can see everything laid out and now I'm playing a couple games on BGA just to get a little better.  At least if I decide that I don't really like it at the end of the day I want to be sure I know why I don't like it for such a highly rated game.

31 days ago

I really like the advanced mats for Ark Nova.  I haven't played with them all yet but a couple feel a little easier/better than others.

Premium User31 days ago

I'm with you and Tekhenu.  It is a very good game and I also rank it second behind Teotihuacan.  

I love Gaia Project but I'm average at it at best. I think it's because I don't take in to account the conjunction of the turn bonuses, the game bonuses, and my race and board situation enough.  You really have to try to play to those bonuses while still doing your thing.  I'm not quite there with the nuanced planning yet.  I find it's still fun to play the game but you really have to put thinking time in to win it.

Moderator Level 131 days ago

My description to Becky was that it feels a little too much like chess. I can appreciate the game but once everyone is a skilled player it feels like the randomness in the game is all player factions. Most likely it's a game for smarter people than myself who can hold more things in their brain. 

Premium User31 days ago

It's definitely zero randomness.  I think there are a couple of layers deeper to it than I've penetrated.  


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Premium User31 days ago

Little late with this one this week but that's because it's a holiday here and I was playing lots of board games (which will show up next week)!

Real Time Games:

Turn Based Games:

Moderator Level 131 days ago

I want to try GWT with the expansion!

Premium User31 days ago

I'll set one up and post it to the BGA group on board game arena.