Welcome New Board Game Atlas Moderators

The Team at Board Game Atlas is pleased to announce that we have expanded our recently launched moderator program!!

I hope you will join us in welcoming , , and ! They will be joining the existing two moderators and .

These brave souls are tasked with helping the community grow and be the best it could possibly be.

In addition to making sure everything is running smoothly, the biggest role of a moderator is to help better the information available in all areas. Moderators start at level 1 and will gain new responsibilities and opportunities as they make progress and move through the program.

If the idea of this program sounds exciting to you and you would be interested in a Board Game Atlas moderator, please email Matt@boardgameatlas.com and say why.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns at all, feel free to ask them below and we will get back to as soon as possible.

- Atlas Matt

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Moderator Level 114 days ago

THank you both and glad to help out :)

Moderator Level 114 days ago

I'm glad I have the opportunity to help make BGA be the best it can be!

New User14 days ago

Many thanks for taking up the mantle

14 days ago

Welcome all!! I always look forward to the betterment of BGA. There is always something interesting going on around here.

10 days ago

Awesome news!  BGA is my first and best place to go for all things board games. It just keeps getting better

13 days ago

Welcome and thank you!!


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