Play board games online

A friendly online platform where you can play board games online with friends. Perfect in these tough quarantine times.

- tutorials for all games
- 12 bots per game to hone your skills
- friendly community
- chat
- sound/music
- ranking lists
- meta-game (build your meeple town)

- Lost Cities
- Hanamikoji
- Circle The Wagons
- Keltis the card game
- Raging Bulls (new solo line)
- etc

Have fun and above all keep safe!

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Partner13 months ago

I'll check it out...

13 months ago

I am going to check this out. I have been meaning to stretch my horizons a bit. Get some new games in.

13 months ago

Great to read. Thanks!

Let us know what you think if you get a chance.

Supporter13 months ago

Huh.... Never heard of this. How long has it been around? 

13 months ago

Since 2012.

We have been under the radar because our catalogue has been small. But it is getting bigger and bigger quickly now.

Hope you like it.

Supporter13 months ago

Wow, that's a while.

Partner13 months ago

I just recommended your site to someone the other day. I noticed you have Level X, which we have in cardboard, and enjoy.

13 months ago

Ah great! Many thanks! We also have Finito! which was published in the same line by Schmidt Spiele a few years ago. The line was abandoned, but I hear that both games are about to get a reboot. I am really pleased for both designers which made a great work with these games.

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