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Top 10 Board Games for Couples

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This isn't my video, and it's fine, but I just wanted to talk about these alleged 'Games for couples' list I see. All too often they are just either A) a list of games that could play more than two people but are still fun at just two, or B) A list of their favorite 2-player games.  Most couples I know aren't into the same types of games. So a list of great 2 player games doesn't really seem to fit that description to me. Maybe it's because opposites attract, maybe my wife is not picking games I like out of spite, maybe I'm overthinking it?

Still, I would love to see suggestions of games for actual couples. Games that are a good mix of different mechanics, or a theme one persom might like, with a mechanic the other would like. Any game suggestions? Any games you have had luck bringing to the table with people that don't like the same games as you?

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