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So as many of you know I don't own a lot of games and I try to vary my Mechanics, so I'm going to talk about/ask about two (or more if you think) together.  I do this because I love games that have Management Mechanics (hand, resource, etc).

The reason I love Hand and Resource Management is because you have to really think about and be smart about how you use everything you have.

Hand Management is really fun because you often have to choose which of the best cards to keep.  I also like that it sometimes gives you the option to dump everything you have because it's terrible. #Root shines with hand management with the Riverfolk and Lizard Cult.  I love having to decide if I should keep a card, or discard it to affect the Lizard Cult.  Like which is more to my benefit.

I also love to manage my resources.  To try and look ahead and see what it is I need to really help my game flow and function well.  That choice of which do I get now, and which do I hold off on.

For me #Scythe and #Clans of Caledonia sticks out.  I love having to think about how to spend my money and get more money in Clans to maximize what I'm doing.  And sometimes you have that hard choice at the end of a round on what's going to work out best for me next round, where do I spend my last pounds?

The other thing I like about resource management is it forces me to think a bit ahead.

Ultimately with management in games there is always something to adjust to even if you don't love what you have right now.  It really opens it up (for me) to be able to still play, even if it means adjusting my strartegy throughout.

What are you favorite games with management mechanics?

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Premium User10 months ago

I like your game choices here.  I would add #Marvel Champions: The Card Game to the list.  I think the hand/resource management is a great aspect to this game. 

Owner10 months ago

#Clans of Caledonia and #Concordia for me!

I just really like Clans, and it's interesting to me that despite so many of the concepts of the game and its strategies that would make you think it'd be a dry game, it doesn't feel that way because of that perfect thematic touch with the map, the way production works, and even the different wooden tokens. It makes you feel so smart when you pull off the right move and also has moments of "Noooo I should've done that differently! Oh well xD". And I also love the highly tactical nature of it but also the long-term planning you can do based on the end of the round goals. It's very satisfying when you manage to use your tight resources to get to the point you were thinking about for that 5th round all-in plan.

Concordia is another one and it's a very pleasing experience to choose from the cards in your hand. This game surprises me because even when I have 10-20 cards in my hand, I never felt frozen with indecision. The cards are all quite distinct and have their own timing and purpose, that you always have a pretty good idea of 3-4 cards to choose from.

Supporter10 months ago

So many times in Clans when I think, shoot I planned this just a little wrong...

Owner10 months ago

Yeah my wife and I often give that look to each other during gameplay. One of us would be all giddy with the prospect of a major play and then... "Wait. Oh. Hmmmmm... Nevermind xD"

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