BGA Feature #78 ALL Giveaways (Anyone can add to this list)


Since is starting to really crush it, in terms of getting partners and publishers to notice our site, we're beginning to lose track of all the giveaways and wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to win some great games. So! I've built a giveaways page and updated the right side bar giveaway section to show the top 5 newest giveaways that get added.

The page is linked in the "Deals" dropdown since I felt like that was the most appropriate section out of anything we have.

One BIG thing is that anyone can add a giveaway to this page. So if you see one you'd like to share with the community just go to the giveaways page and add it in so we can all see it (I want to win some giveaways too, haha)!

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This is cool!

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This is awesome.... Thanks again. 

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