Kickstarter Roundup: Oros, Transmissions, and One Deck Galaxy

Starting this week, I will be highlighting live and upcoming Kickstarter campaigns that recently caught my eye!

The campaigns I mention in these roundups will likely be games I'd want for myself if I had the budget, games I think specific users in our community might like, or games I want to share because it looks too cool not to.

With that in mind, here's my #1 pick:

1. Oros

I love the theme of this game.

It's a giant puzzle of plate tectonics where you take on the role of demigods to manipulate the landscape (move plates, erupt volcanoes, collide landmasses, form immovable mountains, etc). While doing this, you'll be moving around your followers to trek across these lands and bulid sacred sites, gain wisdom, and increase the potency of your actions.

Here's an overview:

The clean look might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it works for me and unique meeples are always a plus. Most importantly, the mechanics seem to provide solid puzzly fun and tie nicely with the theme.

Possible downsides include gamers wanting a more theme-heavy presentation. Another is that it appear to be a heavily tactical game. If you're playing at a 4-player count, the board state could change too often and turn off those who like to plan ahead.

You can check out the current version of the rulebook here.

The publisher seems new to the scene, but I think this project has high potential to reach $100K on day 1. With the right media coverage and marketing, I could even see it getting to $500K by the end of the campaign.


2. Transmissions

I watched the video on the campaign page and it left an impression of a relaxing puzzle game with lots of charm (see pictures of the miniatures here by Meeple University). It's appealing to those wanting lighter games in their collection, and seems to provide a nice introduction to mechanics such as hand management, rondel, and engine building. And really, the art by Matt Dixon is great.

If I had the budget and the shelf space, I would back this for three reasons:

  1. Looks at those bots!
  2. The campaign page mentions that this edition of the game will likely never see retail.
  3. Seems like a nice pick for family game nights once my son is old enough.


3. One Deck Galaxy

Sci-fi or fantasy?

For some people, sci-fi is always the answer. I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle, but my history of movie and anime favorites suggests that I'm closer to a fantasy fan.

I mention this because One Deck Dungeon is getting a sci-fi adaptation. The original game funded at $122K on Kickstarter back in 2016, and has since placed at #39 on 1-Player Guild's 2020 People's Choice Top 200 Solo Games.

I downloaded the One Deck Dungeon app a few months ago and have since put in around 3-4 hours of playtime. I recommend it if you're a fan of dice rolling, upgrading character stats and abilities, chance encounters, and puzzles involving luck mitigation. If you're a fan of "roguelike" games where you'll repeatedly die but get back up stronger every time, you should give it a go!


That's it for this week. Are you interested in any of the games I mentioned? Which Kickstarter game has been on your radar?

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11 days ago

I keep hearing so many good things about #Oros , I can't wait to try that game!

Owner10 days ago

Do you think you'll end up backing it? I know I won't be but it really looks like my type of game :)

10 days ago

It's really going to come down to price because I have a huge backlog right now.

Premium User13 days ago

Love this post! I haven't heard of any of these either, so that's fun. The art on #Oros is great! And those robot minis 🔥

Owner13 days ago

Thanks! I figured I might as well write up these articles since I'm looking at up and coming games often.

Oros seems to have just enough theme and complexity to help abstract lovers get their fix in haha

Premium User13 days ago

Haha, I'm into that! Love me a good abstract, and if it's pretty, all the better.

12 days ago

I loved One Deck Dungeon so I am excited about One Deck Galaxy

Owner10 days ago

It's definitely not for someone who hates dice rolling/luck, but I like it. Unlucky rolls can be devastating though haha

13 days ago

#One Deck Dungeon is indeed a fun solo game, and a good 2P game as well. I play it with my wife as well as my youngest son.

Owner13 days ago

It's very much my type of game where I can't help but play again and again. How's the co-op experience? Is it basically the same except that you go through more encounters and each player has a character?

13 days ago

Yep, pretty much the same. The characters all have a 2P side that's downgraded from their 1P version, and some of their abilities now target a partner.

Premium User8 days ago

I am in on Transmissions. It looks like a great game to pull out as a gateway for newer players, or at the end of the night when your brain is tired from heavy euros.

10 days ago

One Deck Dungeon is boring.  I can't imagine it being any different in space.  Also, there are no male heroes (can you guess why?).

Owner9 days ago

What type of games do you usually like? One Deck Dungeon definitely has a more limited audience with its focus on dice rolling.

9 days ago

I enjoy many games some of which use dice as a mechanic.  Like Dice Thrones for instance (I have all of Season 1 and 2).  I also really like Sanctum which is another dungeon crawl that focuses on dice combat.  My favorite solo dice chucking game is Deep Space D-6.

One Deck Dungeon is just plain boring to me.  My son's do not like it either.  I guess being forced to use girl characters for boys is not fun.  The developers also intentionally did not create male heroes which seems to be again they are doing for their space theme.  It's their game, they can do what they want, but they won't be getting any more money out of me.

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