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Dinosaur Island Review - Hold on to Your Butts

Dinosaur Island, a game about managing a dinosaur amusement park, thunders its way onto shelves. Is it worth the price of entry? Sink your teeth in our review of Dinosaur Island to find out!...

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8 months ago

I found it to be a little too messy with so many boards and things to keep track of, and while I often enjoy number crunching in games, it felt a little too much and I would have loved a more Dino focused game whereas in the end they were just reduced to resources/numbers. That said, I agree the artwork is excellent and the components are great. I don't think I'd buy it but if someone gets it out I'd probably sit down and give it another go. (My strategy in the first game was to not bother with security too much so I got money but no points for visitors, as such I sat behind on points and so always got to go first and as such get the best DNA/staff) and then eventually switch up my security while having all the best Dino's. Did many people die to secure me victory, yes.a heartless monster....also yes)

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